What is Facebook Insights?

Facebook Insights provides measurements on your page's performance. It’s an analytical system that provides information on a huge number of different reach and engagement metrics, and is integral to helping you find out how users engage with your page and brand.

A note before we start: to have access to Facebook Insights, you must have at least 30 Facebook fans.

To access Facebook Insights, go to your timeline and click on ‘Insights’ from the top menu. You will now be on the Overview page, which gives you a quick summary of all recent and important data at a glance. It’s important to note: you always have the option to export the data on the page you are looking at, quickly and easily, in .CSV or .XLS format for further analysis.

Likes tab

The ‘likes’ tab shows you all the different ‘like’ metrics for your page over a specific period of time. On the first row, you can set the time period you wish to view; just set a start and end date for the data you wish to see.

On the “Total Page Likes as of Today” row, you can see a scale charting all your page’s ‘likes’ over the specific time scale you have seen. This is an easy way to see your page growth and identify the ability of any activities to drive new fans to like your page.

Facebook Insights Likes tab screenshot

‘Net Likes: What Changed’ shows the different types of likes you received over the same period of time. You can view your organic likes, paid likes and net likes, and a get visualisation of how many ‘unlikes’ your page received on any given day in the set time period. This is useful data to help you see what content was posted on specific days and the types of actions this prompted from your fans.

The final row under the ‘Likes’ tab is entitled ‘Where Your Page Likes Came From’, another very valuable data set which can help you identify how users are finding and liking your page. The dimensions available here are Ads and Sponsored Stories, On Your Page (liked on your page), Mobile, Page Suggestions and the not-so-helpful Others.

Where your Facebook page likes came from screenshot

All of these data set sets can help you understand the growth of your page and where that growth is coming from.

Reach tab

Your ‘reach’ is the amount of people who have seen your posts. These people might not have engaged with your post, or even be fans of your page, but they have seen your post in their newsfeed. If your post appears in a newsfeed without that person having already ‘liked’ your page, they are seeing it because a friend of theirs has engaged with the post (liked, commented or shared).

This tab allows you to compare the following metrics:

Post Reach, Likes, Comments and Shares, Hide, Report as Spam and Unlikes, Total Reach

The ‘Post Reach’ bar will show you both your organic and paid reach metrics during a specific time. You can easily tell from the spikes which posts have been effective in reaching a wider audience.

Facebook Insights post reach

‘Likes, Comments, and Shares’ will show you which posts showed what type of engagement. Here, you can filter by engagement type. Simply click on the type of engagement (on the right-hand side) to isolate the metric. You can use this over a long date period, for instance, to investigate the type of content you have posted that attracts the most shares.

Facebook Insights Likes, Comments, and Shares

Hide, Report as Spam, and Unlikes is very straightforward. It’s worth checking this regularly to check for any spikes. If you see any, have a look at what content your fans didn’t like, and learn from it!

Total Reach is just the total number of people who saw any activity from your page including posts, posts by other people, ads, mentions and check-ins. This is another good metric to measure your page’s success over time.

Facebook Insights total reach

Visits tab

This page measures how users engage with your entire Facebook page as opposed to individual posts. Under this category, you have your timeline, photos tab, info tab and any other type of tab or app you might have added to your page. This is very handy if you have created an app for your page tabs, such as a newsletter subscription area or game.

'Page and Tab Visits' will give you an overview of the traffic to your page and tabs at a glance.

Facebook Insights Page and Tab Visits

'Other Page Activity' will look into metrics such as mentions, posts by other people to your timeline, check-ins to your page and offers purchased.

The last section, and possibly the most useful on this tab, is the 'External Referrers' bar. Here, you can see which online properties people are coming from in order to land on your Facebook page. It will be normal to see "google.co.uk" and probably you own website. If you have recently moved your social media links to somewhere more visible on your website, you could use this section to monitor the improved levels of referrals from there. It's easy to check here in the event of a huge surge of 'likes', and see where all this traffic is coming from!

Facebook Insights External Referrers

Posts tab

The posts tab is perhaps the tab you will end up visiting the most.

First of all, you will see one of the best additions to the recent Insights update: 'When Your Fans Are Online'. As we mentioned in previous lessons, not all of your fans will be online all day, every day. Some of them log in infrequently and at specific times. Here, you can see when, on average (from a recent one-week period) your fans are online. The chart below shows that most of the fans from this page are online in the evening, peaking at 8 p.m. Combine this data with the Scheduled Post tool, and you have a very effective way of ensuring you send your posts out at the optimum time!

Facebook Insights posts tab – When your fans are online

Clicking on the 'Post Types' tab at the top of this chart will show you a similar set of metrics, but this shows "the success of different post types based on average reach and engagement". On average, this page manages to reach the most people with simple text updates. Text updates, as mentioned previously, often engage users and result in lots of comments, a high indicator of a valuable and quality post.

Facebook Insights posts tab – Post types

The final section of the 'Posts' tab is the 'All Posts Published' section. From here, you can analyse the engagement and reach levels of every single post you have published.

You can easily arrange posts by data published, type, reach and/or engagement levels. Using the down arrows from the top of the sheet, you can also choose to display organic or paid reach combined, or show only by type of engagement such as post clicks, likes, or engagement rates.

Facebook Insights all posts published tab

You can drill down further into the statistics for each post by clicking on the post title itself, which will open a new light box window.

Facebook Insights post details tab

In the right-hand column of this light box, you can see in-depth details about how this individual post performed. At the top, you get a final figs e of total people reached, along with the combined levels of engagement of the post. These metrics are broken down even further so you can see where this engagement came from, and they also display the total amount of clicks the link attracted. This is a hugely important feature for tracking the performance of your posts, especially if you are posting to a large fan base or running a promoted ad campaign.

There are a total of 757 million daily active Facebook users worldwide!

People tab

On the people tab, you can get an overview of the type of people making up your page community. Who are the people that like your page? Where do they come from? What is their average age? All of this data and more can be gleaned from the People tab. You will notice three separate sections for this tab: Your Fans, People Reached, and People Engaged.

The Your Fans' tab provides a simple overview of where your fans are: first by country, then city, and finally by what language they use. Hover over the bar segments for more information on that metric.

Facebook Insights people tab

The 'People Reached' tab is laid out exactly the same as the 'Your Fans one. However, instead of showing the demographics of your fans, it shows the demographics of the people your posts have reached (fans and non-fans). You might not be surprised to know that the data here may not vary too much from that of 'Your Fans', if you assume your fans are connected with friends of a similar demographic.

Finally, we move on to the 'People Engaged' tab. It is laid out much the same, but shows you the demographics of everyone who has engaged with your posts (fans and non-fans). If you notice any trends of people engaging with your content who are not represented on the 'Your Fans' tab, it's worth trying to target that group (by country. city, gender or age) to help further build your fan base.

Facebook Insights people engaged tab

Facebook Insights is a fantastic tool to help provide page owners with the information they need to run their Facebook page effectively. Insights offers the data to help you make the right decisions and make sure your fans see content that is of most interest to them.

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