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EU & UK Legal Support

EU & UK Legal Support

Our products provide support for all major legal frameworks including GDPR. ePrivacy Regulation, DPA guidelines, Cookie law and National Consumer Law.

Terms & conditions

Terms & conditions

Choose from up to 100 professional pre-written clauses, available in 10 languages, to quickly draft, manage and update your Terms and Conditions Policy at any time.

Cookie & privacy policy

Cookie & privacy policy

With the policy generator, you can craft a customised, comprehensive Privacy and Cookie Policy and integrate it with your website or app within minutes.

Online Compliance

Why do I need to comply?

Do you use Google Analytics or link to your socials or YouTube from your website? If yes, you are legally required to have a Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy and Terms & Conditions Policy in place. Without them, you risk financial penalties and damage to your online reputation. Don’t take that gamble - stay compliant.

We've partnered with another brand, iubenda, to bring you all the up-to-date compliance and privacy tools you will need, in just a few clicks. Watch our quick video to see how how it works.





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Terms & conditions
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+ integrate via API
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Need help choosing a package?

Give us a call on 0345 363 3637 or chat to us - we can take you through all your options.

All packages include…

Autofilled documents

Autofilled documents

All legal documents are automatically created and customised to your website or business.

Up-to-date legislation

Up-to-date legislation

Don’t worry about legislation changes. Your documents will update automatically when there’s a change, so you will always remain compliant.

Cookie consent log

Cookie consent log

Safeguard your business by documenting and storing your cookie consent logs and opt-out actions.

Compliance scans

Compliance scans

Each month, iubenda will scan your website to monitor changes and highlight any risks or improvements required.

Policy generators

Policy generators

iubenda generates a custom-made Privacy and Cookie Policy with their website scanner.

Third party cover

Third party cover

If you use third party tools like Google Analytics, simply add them to your Privacy and Cookie Policies. You can add up to 20 third parties to your policies.

How it works

It’s as easy as one… two… three!


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Find out where you are compliant and where you need some help, with a simple scan of your website.


Choose a plan

Once you know what you need, simply choose the a plan for your business and get started.


Add the code

Add the code to your website by following the simple guides and your new compliance documents will be live in a jiffy.

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You can generate your Cookie Policy in just 1 click and make sure you are informing your visitors about your website's use of cookies?

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Terms and Conditions protect you and your customers? Without them, you are at risk. You can easily generate your bespoke, auto-updating legal document with our compliance tool.

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In the meantime, did you know…

You get a customised, always up-to-date Privacy Policy with our site scanner? It will scan your site and suggest a tailor-made policy just for you!

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Did you know…

If you use tools like Google Analytics or share your social media on your site, you are required by law to have Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy and full Terms & Conditions?

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Did you know…

Your policies and documents are kept up-to-date automatically with our Online Compliance tool? So, your website will always be compliant, even when legislation changes.

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All policies are available in 10 languages? The country detection function means you will always make the right legal disclosures, to the right people.

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Keeping a consent database is required under GDPR? Our tool ensures all consent records are automatically tracked, sorted and recorded in one place, so you are in total control.

Your results

We have analysed your website and found the following issues:

  • Privacy policy

    Get your customised, always up-to-date Privacy Policy with our site scanner - it will scan your site and suggest a tailor-made policy just for you!

  • Terms and conditions

    Terms and Conditions protect you and your customers. Without them, you are at risk. So, generate your bespoke, auto-updating legal document now!

Get compliant now
Save money

Save your money & reputation

Our Compliance Packages are designed to fully protect your online business and save you money.

  • Easily integrated tools
  • No penalties or costs for non-compliance
  • Monthly scans and notifications to keep you in check
  • Up-to-date documents and policies
  • Supports all major EU & UK Legal Frameworks
  • No expensive specialists required

Why choose our compliance tools?

Here are a few of the top features at a glance…

Policy Generator

Policy generator

Quickly create and integrate a comprehensive Privacy and Cookie Policy for your website or app. Simply choose from over 1700 customisable clauses, available in 10 languages, to get started. All legal documents automatically update when the law changes too, giving you complete peace of mind.

Intuitive Dashboard

Intuitive dashboard

You will find the user-friendly dashboard in your Online Control Panel, making it really easy to draft, customise, integrate and manage all of your legal policies from one place. The best bit? No technical knowledge is needed!

Privacy & Cookie Management

Privacy & cookie management

Take control of consent preferences and display fully customisable cookie and consent banners. Once implemented, you can set advertising preferences, block scripts from running before consent is collected and log all actions.

Consent Database

Consent database

Under GDPR, you are required to retain a consent database. Our tool makes the process hassle-free and integrates seamlessly with your web forms. Plus, you are in full control, as all consent records are tracked automatically and sorted and recorded in one place.

Terms & Conditions Generator

Terms & conditions generator

Draft a detailed Terms and Conditions document within minutes using the iubenda generator tool. With such a large range of pre-written clauses available to be used as is or customised - the whole process is quick and painless.

Localised & responsive

Localised & responsive

iubenda’s country detection ensures you access the correct legal disclosures for your location and all policies are available in 10 languages. Documents are also fully responsive and optimised to meet Appstore and other third-party requirements.

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Frequently asked questions about online compliance solutions

  • What are online compliance solutions?

    An online compliance solution is software that helps you comply with international data protection laws. With our online compliance tools, you can get valid, precise, customised and up-to-date legal documents within minutes and an easy-to-use dashboard to manage all your policies and documents from one place.

  • What happens if I don’t comply?

    Non-compliance is risky and can result in heavy penalties and damage to your reputation online. iubenda’s tools are designed to help you comply with the relevant laws as quickly and easily as possible.

  • Who are iubenda?

    Like LCN and many others, iubenda is part of the family of brands. They offer market-leading integrated privacy and compliance tools and currently service more than 90,000 happy customers across 100+ countries.

  • What languages can I use for my documents?

    You can create your documents in 10 languages - English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. Also, if your site is international, you use multiple languages.

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