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Why choose PureSSD VPS?

100% SSD Storage

100% pure SSD

We only use solid state drives to ensure high performance and reliability.

Reliable Hardware

Free regular backups

Losing data is not an option, so we’ll automatically backup your PureSSD VPS every 4 hours.

Domains with Plesk

Make it yours

Flexibility to choose your control panel and operating system of choice.





Price P/M from (ex 23% VAT)
p/m from  £8.99 Buy now
p/m from  £8.25 Buy now
p/m from  £12.99 Buy now
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SSD Storage50GB150GB300GB500GB

Secure VPS hosting

Cutting-edge Processors

Uptime guaranteed

We pride ourselves on having a platform you can reply on. Our self-healing system is designed to deliver a 100% network uptime and a 99.99% server uptime guarantee.


Automatic migrations

Your server’s performance is our top priority. Should it become too busy, it will automatically be migrated to a different server to maintain peak performance.


Reliable hardware

We only use premium hardware to offer you a superior platform with optimal availability, low failure rates and high performance.

Super-fast SSD storage

Automated backups

Unexpected disaster? We have you covered. Should something result in you losing vital data, you can recover and restore a previous version in a few clicks. Our PureSSD VPS automatically backs up every 4 hours and keeps 9 back up slots.

Dual Power


Your VPS includes a free Snapshot*. This allows you to take a manual backup of your VPS whenever you need it, and there’s no limit on the amount of time your snapshot is stored, so you can keep it for as long as you need.

Ready to take control?

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Freedom and flexibility

Your PureSSD VPS will be self-managed, giving you total flexibility when it comes to your operating system and control panel preferences.

Compatible with your operating system of choice

Try something new or stick with your preferred. Pick from a selection of the most popular operating systems for both Windows and Linux.

Windows Server

Windows Server

The operating system of choice if you’re looking to integrate well recognised Microsoft applications.



Free, and a well-known Linux operating system – perfect for developers and designed for full configurability.



Focused on stability and reliability, AlmaLinux is a powerful open-source Linux operating system.



Super user-friendly, this Linux operating system is the the ‘go to’ for larger scale and growing businesses

Manage your server with your preferred control panel**

Plesk Logo From £7.50 p/m
cPanel Logo From £15 p/m
Direct Admin From £5 p/m

** Choose from Plesk, cPanel or Direct Admin when you choose CentOS 7.

Frequently asked questions about our web hosting

  • What is the difference between a managed server and a self-managed server?

    A self-managed VPS is best suited to those who have experience of running a server - when you have a unmanaged server you will be responsible for managing everything from the set-up right through to the daily monitoring and maintenanace. This also means that you get to set everything up as you please, choosing your preferred operating system and Control Panel.

    If you do not have the experience running a server and want an expert to take care of the initial set up, health monitoring and backups then a managed solution would be best for you.

  • What operating systems can I run on my server?

    Our SSD VPS offers hosting on both Linux (Debian, Centos and Ubuntu) and Windows, giving you the flexibility to choose the operating system that works best for you.

  • Are backups included with VPS hosting plans?

    Yes. All our self-managed VPS plans include free backups that occur every 4 hours, giving you complete peace of mind.

  • How long does it take to provision my VPS?

    Our experts can provision your server on the same day that you place your order, often within the hour.

  • What support is included with my PureSSD VPS?

    Self-managed doesn’t mean that you’re alone. We’ll look after the hardware and network used by your VPS. You will be responsible for looking after the security, software and any updates on your VPS. If you’re confident doing this, self-managed is the perfect solution for you.

    If, after consideration you require technical support assistance and advice, we recommend opting for a managed VPS solution.

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* 1 free Snapshot is included with all S, M, L and XL PureSSD VPSs.