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Why secure your site with an SSL certificate?

Encrypt sensitive data

Encrypt sensitive data

Protect your website’s valuable data and customer info with secure, industry-standard 256-bit encryption.

Increase conversion rates

Increase conversion rate

SSL certificates are proven to improve conversion rates by reassuring customers your site is safe to buy from.

SEO ranking benefits

SEO ranking benefits

Google have confirmed that SSL is a ranking factor, so securing your site with an SSL certificate can help increase Google rankings.

Peace of mind for customers

Peace of mind for customers

Give your visitors and customers the confidence to browse your website knowing they’re being protected by SSL.

Safeguard against phishing

Safeguard against phishing

Phishing scams involve emails that link to fake versions of legitimate websites. An SSL certificate proves your site is the real deal.

Warranty protection

Warranty protection

Our SSL certificates come with warranty protection, meaning your customers are protected against loss incurred from online transactions.

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Protected Domains1111
Protected Subdomainswww onlywww onlywww onlyUnlimited
Encryption LevelUp to 256 bitUp to 256 bitUp to 256 bitUp to 256 bit
Estimated Setup timeUp to 24 hoursUp to 5 daysUp to 3 weeksUp to 5 days
Secure Seal
Full Authentication
Registered Businesses
Suitable for Sole Traders
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Buy cheap SSL certificates the LCN way…

Trusted SSL provider

Choosing a trusted provider

We want to help protect your data, which is why our SSL certificates are supplied by Sectigo. They’re one of the most trusted certificate providers, with more than 100 million certificates issued worldwide.

Super simple set-up

Super simple set-up

Setting up your SSL certificate is a breeze, especially if you already host with us. Just follow the on-screen instructions to verify your domain and you’ll be set up in a few clicks.

Secure seal & padlock

Secure seal & padlock

An SSL gives your visitors confidence in your website. They can see how safe and genuine it is by looking for the secure seal and the padlock in the address bar.

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Frequently asked questions about SSL certificates

  • What is an SSL certificate?

    SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. It's the industry-standard security technology for encrypting information sent between a web server (i.e. your website) and a visitor's web browser. SSL ensures the link between the server and browser is private and secure, safeguarding any sensitive information sent between the two. A valid SSL certificate proves that your site is protected.

  • What is HTTPS?

    HTTP, (or Hyper Text Transfer Protocol to give it its full name), is the standard way to exchange data between servers and browsers. In HTTPS, the S stands for ”secure” which means that the site you are browsing is protected by an SSL certificate.

    This is really important for sites that collect sensitive info from visitors, like credit card numbers or address details. You can see if a website is secure by looking at your browser’s address bar and checking the address begins with “https“ rather than just “http”.

  • What SSL certificate is right for my website?

    Buying an SSL certificate is a good idea for any website. Not only will the added security put your visitors’ minds at ease, SSL can improve your search engine rankings. Websites that constantly relay sensitive information, such as online shops, will need even higher security levels, like those provided by our Extended Validation SSL certificate.

    What kind of site do you have?

    A personal blog / hobby site
    For a personal blog, hobby site, or any website that doesn’t represent a business, we recommend our Domain Validated SSL service. A Domain Validated SSL certificate is quick and easy to install, encrypts all page views, provides a green padlock icon in the browser address bar, and validates your domain name via email.

    Large website / personal blog / hobby site
    Organisation Validated SSLs (OV for short) are designed for businesses to show customers you are trustworthy and take security very seriously. With Sectigo, it takes up to 5 days to validate your company as a legally registered business and they also check ownership of the domain.

    Large business website / online shop
    Any kind of business website (or any sites that send and receive sensitive customer information) will hugely benefit from an Extended Validation SSL certificate (EV for short). An EV SSL certificate gives your customers extra peace of mind by not only encrypting your web pages, but also by adding your company name to the green padlock area in the address bar of the browser. To get this additional authentication, some details of your website and business (such as location and company number) are verified by the SSL certificate issuing body. This means your customers know beyond any doubt you are who you say you are and that their personal data is safe.

    Large website / business website / personal blog
    A Wildcard SSL certificate is recommended for any large website with multiple subdomains. For example: your main website may be “”, with a shop at “”, and a blog at “”. A standard SSL certificate would only cover one of these subdomains, which is where a Wildcard SSL comes in very handy. Rather than having to purchase a separate SSL certificate for each of your subdomains you can secure all of them with a single Wildcard SSL cert. Neat, eh?

  • What is the warranty policy for your SSL certificates?

    When you buy an SSL certificate with us you are fully protected with a warranty of up to $1.75 million in the event that your certificate is used or issued incorrectly.

  • How do I set up my SSL certificate?

    Setup is straightforward but does differ depending on what type of SSL certificate you’ve got. Got a question? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our support team.

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