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Transfer UK domains for free and .COM domains for just £6.49

Why transfer your domain name to us?

Great value domains

Great value domains

UK domains are free to transfer and most other domains are only £6.49. Plus our renewal rates are amongst the best around.

Free mailbox

Free mailbox

Every domain name transferred to us comes with a free IMAP mailbox, meaning you can synchronise and send mail on any device.

Simple transfer system

Simple transfer system

Keep track of your domain transfers every step of the way and we'll let you know when the process is complete.

Fully accredited

Fully accredited

70,000 customers trust us with over 400,000 domains, safe in the knowledge that we’re fully ICANN and Nominet accredited.

We don’t tie you down

We don’t tie you down

We’re confident you’ll love our service, but if you ever want to transfer away, we don’t charge. Your domain is your property!

Simple control panel

Simple control panel

Take total control of your domains. Our control panel has all the features an expert could need, but was built in-house with simplicity in mind.

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Transfer a domain to us in just a few simple steps...

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.com .net .org .info £6.49

Extends your domain by 1 year

Can’t see your domain extension listed? Don’t panic – we can still transfer your domain name. Simply get in touch with us and we’ll manually transfer your domain name for you.

Why use our domain name transfer service?

Free email address

Free email address

We give away a free IMAP mailbox with every single domain name, so as soon as your domain transfer is complete you can start sending and receiving email in no time – on any device.

New domain extensions

New domain extensions

You’re no longer limited to age-old domain extensions like .com or Let your imagination run wild and choose from hundreds of new domain name extensions that fit your business, like .website, .club, .london, and .photography.

Bulk prices

Bulk prices

Transfer your entire portfolio of domain names over to us and make massive savings. Get in touch to find out more and to see how much you could save.

Domain transfers the LCN way…

Easy domain transfers

Easy domain transfers

Domain transfers have caused many a headache, but not with us! Get the ball rolling by unlocking your domain at your existing provider, then simply submit your domain to us. You can monitor the process every step of the way from your Account. Plus, our UK support team is never far away if you need a hand.

One year domain extension

Add 1 year onto your domain expiry

If you have paid a fee when transferring a domain, we’ll extend the expiry date on it by a whole extra year. The transfer fee for most domain names extensions is just £6.49 – much cheaper than a typical one-year domain name renewal.

Multi-year discounts

Massive multi-year discounts

So your domain transfer is complete and your domain is happily inside your LCN account, but what about your next renewal? Well, this is when we can save you some money when you renew for multiple years.

Cheap domain transfers prices

We offer some of the cheapest domain transfer prices around: UK domains are free and most other domains are just £6.49 (and get a one year extension). If you want to transfer your domain away from us, it’s always free.

Cheapest domain transfers
Domain extensionTransfer in priceTransfer away price

Prices ex. VAT at 20% Show with VAT

You can find a full list of domain registration and renewal fees on our website.

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Frequently asked questions about our domain transfers

  • What is a domain transfer?

    A domain name transfer is the process of changing the designated registrar of a domain name. For example, moving a domain to LCN, from a different registrar.

    The domain name itself stays unchanged, as does details like the registered owner, registered address and other domain information. A common reason for moving a domain between registrars is to consolidate domain names with a registrar company you like. Perhaps you like the customer service or features a particular registrar (such as LCN) can provide.

  • How to transfer a domain

    There are two different domain transfer processes: one for UK extensions, and another for all other domains (COM, NET, ORG, etc).

    How to transfer a UK domain

    1. Login and add your domain name on the transfers page
    2. Click the + button to submit the domain transfer
    3. Ask your current registrar to update the IPS tag to LCN
    4. Your domain transfer should complete within 48 hours

    How to transfer a .COM, .NET, or .ORG

    1. Ask your current registrar to unlock your domain
    2. Make a note of the Auth code you receive
    3. Login and add your domain name on the transfers page
    4. Click the + button to submit the domain transfer
    5. Submit the Auth code you were given previously
    6. Your domain transfer should complete within 7 days

    Please see our support guide for an in-depth walkthrough to transfer your domain. If you have any questions along the way, don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • How long does it take transfer a domain?

    Again, it depends on the extension. Generally speaking a domain transfer should take no more than a week. .uk domains usually only takes a couple of days – unfortunately there’s no way to speed this up. For more information about transferring a domain to us, check out our domain transfers support guide.

  • What about downtime? Will you change DNS on the domain?

    When you transfer a domain to us, we don’t change any of the DNS details on the domain– so if your site is online when you begin the move, it should stay online after the transfer is complete. We appreciate that nameservers and DNS can be confusing, so don’t hesitate to drop us a line and we can answer any questions you might have.

  • How do I unlock my domain and what’s an Authorisation / EPP code?

    Your current domain name provider will need to unlock your domain name before it can be moved to us. This can usually be done from your provider’s control panel but in some cases you’ll need to contact them directly.

    They’ll give you a string of characters called an EPP code, also known as an auth code. Keep a note of it, as it needs to be entered at LCN when you initiate the domain transfer service at our end.

    .uk domains work a little differently – they have an IPS tag instead of an EPP code. To learn more about IPS tags and how you can transfer .uk domains to LCN, check out our next FAQ.

    We also have guides on transferring your domain names from other providers…

  • What’s an IPS tag?

    .uk domains don’t have EPP codes because the domain transfer process is slightly different. To move your .uk domains you’ll need to change the IPS tag on your domain – again this can be done via your current domain providers control panel, or by getting in touch with their support team.

    To move to LCN you’ll need to change the IPS tag to “LCN”. That’s all there is to it for .uk domains.

  • What about SEO rankings?

    Your place in the search engine results pages will not change as a result of a domain transfer. There are many factors that make up Google’s search ranking algorithm but who your domain registrar is not thought to be one of them.

    If you want to learn more check out our beginners guide to SEO.

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* The following suffixes are on offer for £0.00  when registered for 1 year using the embedded voucher code - .CO.UK. & .UK & .ORG.UK. This offer applies to new purchases only. The following suffix is on offer for £1.99  when registered for 1 year using the embedded voucher code - .COM. The offer applies to new purchases only. These offers limit you to one £0.00  .CO.UK domain, one £0.00  .UK domain, one £0.00  .ORG.UK domain and one £1.99  .COM domain per account, in a single transaction. Any abuse of the offer, e.g. multiple redemptions, will lead to the order being cancelled and refunded. LCN Limited reserve the right to refuse orders for any reason, including rejecting orders processed outside of the United Kingdom. Additionally, the following extensions will be offered at the prices shown when registered on-site for one year: .online - £3.00, .store - £3.00, .tech - £3.00, .site - £4.99, .website - £3.00, .fun - £3.00, space - £3.00, .app - £12.00, .net - £7.95, .org - £7.95, .info - £6.95, .biz - £6.95  and - £25.99. Following the conclusion of the promotion, the domains will be charged at standard LCN rates which can be found here. For EU customers, VAT rates payable will be subject to your country of residence. LCN Limited reserves the right to end, extend and or amend this offer and/or the terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. All offers are for the first billing period only, do not apply to renewals, are limited to online transactions and cannot be used where free domain offers have already been redeemed. Offers cannot be used in conjunction with any others and may be withdrawn at any time at the discretion of Standard terms & conditions apply.