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With so many extensions available, it's so important to have the right strategy in place. Often, brands can fall into the trap of defensively registering as many as possible. This can get very expensive and be also tricky to keep on top of.

Registration strategy

Registration strategy

To maximise your reach and protect your brand, we will work with you to define a sustainable strategy incorporating New gTLDs.

Trademark options

Trademark options

Trademark holders can use the Trademark Clearinghouse and the DPML blocking services as part of their domain strategy – we can help you with both.

Premium domains

Premium domains

Interested in a domain that is marked as 'Premium'? We can help. Your Account Manager will guide you through the process and offer advice.

New gTLDs

New gTLDs

There are now thousands of new gTLDs (generic top-level domains) available, covering all sorts of locations, industries, services, or interests. These new domains can be used for everything from telling your customers where you are, to niche landing pages for marketing campaigns.

How can we help?

We will work with you to curate a strategy that sees you register the key domains for your business, allows you to keep control of costs, and keeps your brand protected online. As new extensions become available, we will provide updates and recommendations so you can always be ahead of the game.

Trademark Clearinghouse

Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) is the only worldwide database for registered trademarks used by ICANN. TMCH allows holders of trademarks to enforce their rights by opening up access to new domain extensions early. This is called the 'Sunrise' period. The service also sends notifications to trademark holders if a third party attempts to register a new gTLD domain name that matches the trademark.

We will act as a Trademark Agent on your behalf, looking for any opportunities within the new gTLD space and submitting your trademark details to TMCH for verification.

Early access and
Premium names

As part of the Domain Name Management service, we can handle early access to newly released extensions. Following the Sunrise period (open to Trademark holders only), you'll be able to register the domain you want before the extension is released onto the open market for everyone to buy. Additionally, you will have access to register domain names listed as 'Premium'.

DPML blocking service

Two of the biggest new gTLD registries, Donuts and Rightside, offer Domain Protected Marks List (DPML) blocking services. You must have a trademark and be using the TMCH service to be eligible for this service.

Applying a DPML block stops any potential registrants without a trademark from getting domains managed by Donuts and Rightside. This can be a very budget-friendly way of protecting your brand online, and we can handle it all for you. So, if you already have a trademark in TMCH, even if it has not been validated through us, we can apply for DPML blocking services.

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