Our Best Social Media Posts of 2014

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Carrying on from our Best SEO posts of 2014, we’ve compiled another list! This time highlighting the very best of our social media posts to help boost your social campaigns.

It’s been another busy year for social media, with Facebook totally revamping their ad platform, Twitter introducing a new analytics dashboard, and Facebook and Pinterest both making significant investment into their own analytics solutions.

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Here are 9 of our best from last year…


01. Eleven Creative Ways To Get More Pinterest Followers

This post offers some great stats into Pinterest usage data, and then how to boost your follower account. One of the most surprising stats is that Pinterest drives more traffic to publishers than Twitter, LinkedIn and Reddit combined!


02. Eight Tips to Help Boost Social Media Click-Through Rates

We explain how to improve your social media click-through rates. These simple tips, such as ensuring your are using a link post and not an image post when sharing links on Facebook (below), will get you more clicks in no time.


link post vs photo post on facebook


03. How to Optimise a Facebook Business Page for Graph Search

You have no doubt used Facebook’s Graph Search tool to find out what music or restaurants your friends like, but it can also be a powerful marketing tool. Philippa takes you through how to optimise your business Facebook page and get found by potential customers easily.


04. How to Find, Contact and Engage Industry Influencers on Social Media

A vital part of any social media and SEO outreach campaign is identifying industry influencers. One of the best ways to do this is usual social media. We explain how to find the right people, contact and engage. Sooner or later, they’ll be sharing your content with their fans!


05. Get Maximum Social Exposure for Your Real-Life Event

Promoting any real life event, such as a conference or press release, is hard work at the best of times. Social media is without doubt a great weapon to deploy when trying to reach as many people as possible. With this kind of exposure, you’ll be sure to fill those seats.


conferenceImage credit: Sherc88


06. Explaining Facebook’s 20% Text Rule

We had to write this one, since it’s left us scratching our heads at times. If you ever use Facebook Ads, there is a good chance you have fell victim to Facebook’s unnecessarily confusing “20% text on ad image” rule. So we put this post together to make Facebook’s rambling easy to understand.


07. A Complete Guide to Social Media Markup

Personally one of my favourite posts; We look at how you can get total control over how social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter, display your link and content when shared. Every webmaster should be doing this, it can make all the difference when trying to get those valuable social referrals.


08. A Beginner’s Guide to YouTube Analytics

YouTube has millions of casual users, but from a business and marketing perspective it can be a real powerhouse. But there is no point uploading videos if you do not know how well they are performing. So check out our guide to YouTube Analytics.


Youtube demographics charts



09. Top 10 Social Media Productivity Tools

Handling several social media accounts can be a balancing act at times, and reporting on them all can become a chore. Thankfully there are some great tools around to help boost your productivity. Check out our top 10.


Your Say!

We hope you found some of these blog posts useful. We’ll be posting plenty more in 2015 and would love to hear your thoughts on how we’ve been doing so far, and what kind of posts you’d like to see next. Drop us a comment.

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