SEO: A beginner's guide

Learn how to use SEO techniques to better optimise your website for search engines.

Complete guide to search engine optimisation

SEO, in simple terms, is the process of optimising a website (or page) for the benefit of search engines. It may seem obvious, but the basics are often overlooked when creating a website for a new business. Search engines such as Google are great at finding and ranking your content, but you can always help them along the way – and you may just get rewarded with higher rankings in the search engines results page.

In six easy-to-read lessons, our beginner's guide to SEO covers all the basics you need to know on how to get the best rankings possible for your website.

In the guide you will learn…

  • How search engines work, and the ranking factors they use in their algorithm which decide where your web pages will rank.
  • All the basics of on-page search engine optimisation, and how to identify the best keywords for your website.
  • The importance Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics – how to implement and understand these vital SEO tools.

Outrank your competition; read our beginner's guide to SEO now!

Complete guide to search engine optimisation