Local SEO: A beginner's guide

Optimise your website for local SEO and reach customers in your area.

Complete guide to local search engine optimisation

If you own a bricks and mortar business, ignore local SEO at your peril! Around one third of all searches made on Google using mobile devices are for local search terms, and 50% of those searches lead users to shop visits and sales. With figures like these, it’s important for Google to know what your company does, and where you are located.

Our local SEO Guide, split into six easily digestible lessons, will give you everything you need to know to put your business on the map, and outrank the local competition.

In the local SEO Guide you will learn…

  • What local SEO is, how it differs from regular SEO techniques, and how to optimise your website.
  • How to use Google+ and Google Maps to get your business seen by local people searching for local services.
  • Why citations and positive business reviews are so important in gaining the trust of Google and your all-important customers.

Get to the top of the local search engine results with our beginner's guide to Local SEO.

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