It’s been a whirlwind few months for The Business Hub since we launched back in August last year.  We hope you have found our daily blog an interesting source of online marketing tips; from SEO and social media, to blogging and email marketing!

We’ve plenty more great posts lined up for you in 2015. But first, let’s look back at some of the best SEO posts from 2014


01. Essential SEO Plugins for WordPress 2014

One for the WordPress users;  runs through 10 of the most essential SEO plugins for WordPress that no online marketer can be without.


02. Why Are Customers Leaving My Site? Bounce Rates Explained

A great post from guest author  who tackles an important question webmasters should be asking themselves. What does my bounce rate figure mean, and how can I improve it?





03. What To Do If Your Website Isn’t Appearing Within Google

Our marketing director, , tackles every website owners worst nightmare; what to do if your website is nowhere to be found on Google.


04. A Beginners Guide to Robots.txt and Meta Robots

As  says, meta robots sound more like a sci-fi villain (I’m sure they were in Dr. Who once), rather than something a website owner might need to understand. So we created this guide to explain all.


05. How to Write Compelling Titles and Meta Descriptions

The perfect title will encourage users to visit your site, as well as help Google better rank your web page. And don’t forget meta descriptions – once your link appears on the Google results pages, they can be the difference between a user clicking through or not.


title tag- meta



06. Spiders, Crawlers and Googlebots: How Google Index Your Website

Confusing web jargon ahoy! What are spiders, crawlers and Googlebots? Well, your website (hopefully) gets regular visits from them. Find out what it’s all about with this beginners guide.


07. 301 and 302 Redirects: What to Use and When

Another common SEO question: What is the difference between a 301 and 302 redirect? We answer that, and explain why redirects are so important for SEO, and when to use them.





08. How to Get New Links with Old Content

Don’t let you old content go to waste. Repurpose it! Back in October we took a look of some easy ways to recycle your old content in an attempt to attract new and valuable links to your website.


09.  The Beginners Guide to Landing Page Optimisation

First impressions count in a big way online! Regular guest author  (who has been a great addition to the blog) investigates the anatomy of the perfect landing page.


10. What to do if Google Detects Malware on Your Site

And finally, another post from . This one is very useful and something that every webmaster needs to read and understand. What happens if you get the dreaded “infected with malware” message on your site!


Your Say!

Do you have a favourite post of last year? What kind of posts and topics would you like to see us focus on in 2015? Drop us a message below.

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