NEW: Web Hosting – How to Install WordPress, Joomla, Drupal

Installation Guide When installing a CMS such as WordPress, it can all be done from the Install CMS page under the Site tab. Step 1 First, a database needs to be chosen to install. By clicking choose, a pre-existing database can be chosen, or a new one can be automatically created if one has not […]

How To Reset Your WordPress Hosting

Resetting your WordPress hosting is a process that should be approached with caution, as it will permanently delete all content on the server including backups, plugins and themes. This is a great way when looking to start with a clean slate. This action cannot be undone, however, so ensure you are certain before proceeding. Accessing […]

FREE WordPress for Beginners e-Book

Would you like to learn more about WordPress? Our FREE WordPress for Beginners e-Book will introduce you to the exciting world of WordPress. You’ll learn how to choose a theme and pick plugins, how to design your perfect website and optimise it for SEO. We’ll also pass on our top tips and tricks for getting […]

How to manage the SSL Certificate for Managed WordPress

An SSL certificate provides an encrypted connection between people visiting your website and the website itself. This means that any data that passes between the two does so via a secure tunnel. Managed WordPress provides a FREE SSL certificate with all packages. In order to manage this certificate you first need to log into your […]

How to access the backups for Managed WordPress

Managed WordPress stores 30 days of backups, so you can be sure that you’ll always have a working version of your website to restore. In order to manage these you first need to access your Dashboard for Managed WordPress. The following guide explains how to do this: How to access the Dashboard for Managed WordPress. […]

How to access the Dashboard for Managed WordPress

This guide will explain how to access the dashboard for Managed WordPress. You should first log into your LCN Account at Username: Either your LCN account reference or the email address associated with the account. Password: The password you created when you first setup the account. If you have forgotten the password, there is […]

How to add a reCAPTCHA to your WordPress website

This guide will help LCN customers with a WordPress site secure their contact forms, comment sections and other areas of their site with a Google reCAPTCHA to help protect your site from spam and bot abuse. Let’s get started… How to register a site for a reCAPTCHA Before you start you will first need to […]

How to install WordPress

At LCN we offer the ability to install WordPress directly to your Start-Up, Business or Multisite hosting by using our one-click install. We have a guide for this here. But if you would prefer to install WordPress manually the below guide will provide you with the steps you need to do so.   Let’s get started…  Download a […]

How to install WordPress in Plesk

This guide will explain how to install WordPress for domains in Plesk using either the Power-user or Service-provider interfaces. Power User view Follow these steps to install WordPress to a domain in Plesk using the Power-user interface: Open the Applications menu from the left column of the Plesk panel. Click Install below the WordPress application […]

Resetting WordPress Admin Passwords

This guide is designed to show LCN web hosting and WordPress hosting customers how to reset your admin user password for WordPress. Resetting WordPress Passwords via the WordPress Dashboard If you have access to the WordPress dashboard for your site, you can reset the password for your account from within the dashboard. Login to the […]