How to add a reCAPTCHA to your WordPress website

This guide will help LCN customers with a WordPress site secure their contact forms, comment sections and other areas of their site with a Google reCAPTCHA to help protect your site from spam and bot abuse. Let’s get started… How to register a site for a reCAPTCHA Before you start you will first need to […]

How to install WordPress

At LCN we offer the ability to install WordPress directly to your Start-Up, Business or Multisite hosting by using our one-click install. We have a guide for this here. But if you would prefer to install WordPress manually the below guide will provide you with the steps you need to do so.   Let’s get started…  Download a […]

How to install WordPress in Plesk

This guide will explain how to install WordPress for domains in Plesk using either the Power-user or Service-provider interfaces. Power User view Follow these steps to install WordPress to a domain in Plesk using the Power-user interface: Open the Applications menu from the left column of the Plesk panel. Click Install below the WordPress application […]

Resetting WordPress Admin Passwords

This guide is designed to show LCN web hosting and WordPress hosting customers how to reset your admin user password for WordPress. Resetting WordPress Passwords via the WordPress Dashboard If you have access to the WordPress dashboard for your site, you can reset the password for your account from within the dashboard. Login to the […]

How to use WordPress widgets

WordPress Widgets explained Widgets allow you to add new content and functionality into the “sidebar” areas of your WordPress site. Traditionally many WordPress blog designs were split into two or three columns, with the far right-hand side column often acting as a sidebar. Within these sidebars, you can add widgets. Using the above image as […]

What are WordPress plugins?

In the WordPress world, plugin is a piece of software/code that can be used to extend the functionality of WordPress beyond the standard install. They allow you to add different features and functionality to your site – things like email sign-up forms, galleries and back-up tools? Why does WordPress need this you might ask? A […]

How to install and activate WordPress plugins

Installing and activating a WordPress plugin Installing or adding a plugin is very similar to adding a theme. Just look for the “Plugins” link on your WordPress dashboard. From here you‘ll see a list of plugins you already have installed – here you can activate/deactivate, amend the settings, or delete a plugin. Also on this […]

Getting Started with WordPress hosting

Introduction to WordPress Thank you for choosing LCN WordPress hosting as the home for your new website! To get started you’ll need to check your LCN account email address – this is where we’ll send your setup email. On this email you’ll find your WordPress username, a temporary password, and a link to the login […]

The difference between WordPress posts and pages

Post vs Pages: What’s the difference? One of the most fundamental aspects of WordPress is being able to add new posts and pages to your site (or blog). So what’s the difference? It may seem like an obvious question, but it’s a good one. In the most basic terms, a post is a blog entry […]

How to add a post or page using WordPress

Adding posts and pages to your WordPress site Adding a post By default, you’ll see WordPress has already created the first post on your site for you – but we’re going to delete it and create our own. Login to your dashboard and hit “Posts”. Here you’ll see the default “Hello world!” post WordPress has […]