How to Upload files using FTP to Apache Hosting

When making a website, you need to put this somewhere on the internet to become live. One of the ways you can do this is uploading files via FTP. This guide will show you how to upload your files to our Apache Hosting using FTP. Before you continue with this guide, you must have access […]

NEW: Web Hosting – How to set up FTP

What is FTP? If you need to send files over to the file manager, it is best to use FTP. FTP (File Transfer Protocol) allows you to send more files. Step 1 First, you will need to navigate to the FTP page which is under the site dropdown. Step 2 Now that you are on […]

Add an FTP account in cPanel

From the ‘Files’ section of the cPanel menu, select ‘FTP Accounts’. You’ll now proceed to create an FTP user, the suffix of the ‘Log in’ (or username) is already written below and cannot be edited. This suffix is determined by the domain you are adding FTP access to. Above this you can type in the […]

How to change FTP Security settings

This guide will show LCN customers using Web Hosting or WordPress hosting how to change your FTP security settings.  Let’s get started…  Reaching your FTP accounts To find the settings for your FTP accounts you will first need to… Log in to your LCN Account and head over to your Control Panel  Click the domain you wish to […]

How to change your FTP password

If you’re using web hosting or WordPress hosting packages, this guide will show you how to change your FTP password.  Please note: Your FTP is usually shared with a mailbox username. Changing your FTP password may change your mailbox password and vice versa. If you need help uploading your website via FTP, we’ve got a guide for that here.   Let’s get started…  Login […]

How to access FTP for domains in Plesk

This guide will explain how to access FTP and how to update or create FTP accounts for domains in Plesk using either the Power-user or Service-provider interfaces. FTP Client Settings The following settings can be used to connect via FTP to the web-space for any domains added to Plesk. Hostname: Enter the IP address of […]

How to set up separate FTP accounts

FTP accounts allow you to manage your website files on your hosting space with us. If you want to give a colleague or web designer access to your website files, but don’t want to give them full access to your LCN account, you can create separate FTP accounts for them.  Let’s get started…  Log in to your account and head […]

How to change file permissions via FTP

This guide will show you how to change file permissions via FTP. When managing your website, you may find that some files or directories require specific permissions to operate correctly. For example, CGI scripts need permissions set so that they’re able to be executed. You can read more about how file permissions work here.   Using Filezilla, a popular FTP […]

How to manage files and FTP accounts on Cloud hosting using cPanel

This guide will explain how to create and manage FTP accounts for domains on Cloud hosting using cPanel, how to use the file manager in cPanel and include details on the FTP client settings to connect and upload files to sites hosted on your server. If you are a customer on a LCN Web hosting […]

How to manage FTP accounts using VestaCP

This guide explains how to create and manage FTP accounts for domains hosted using VestaCP. This guide also including the FTP client settings required to upload files to sites hosted on your server. Please note: If you’re an LCN Web hosting or WordPress hosting customer, you can find instructions for connecting and uploading to your […]