This guide will explain how to setup your email address in Microsoft Outlook 2016 on an hosting package.

Before you get started, you’ll need to have your email address and password handy. If you can’t remember these details, you can get them from your account.

Let’s get started…

Automatic Setup

  1. Open the File menu and click the Add Account button.
  2. Make sure that the E-mail Account box is checked before entering your preferred screen name and completing the remaining fields before clicking Next.
  3. If a pop-up box appears asking you to allow your email service provider to configure server settings, click Allow to proceed.
  4. Click Finish once you receive a message telling you that set-up is complete.

Manual Setup

If the above steps fail, you can try again by checking the Manual setup or additional server types option after clicking on Add Account.

  1. Select POP or IMAP
  2. Complete all of the fields using the details below:
    • Your name and email address from the User Information section.
    • Select POP or IMAP as the account type.
    • Enter for both the incoming and outgoing mail servers.
    • Enter your complete email address into the User Name box.
    • Enter your email password in the Password box.
  3. Click More Settings followed by the Outgoing Server tab. Click on My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication and click OK. Click Finish to let Outlook 2016 test your email account.
  4. Once testing is complete, click Close.

The above also applies to adding any additional email accounts. If you have any trouble setting up your email addresses, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Please Note:

Depending on your internet service provider, the default port of 25 should allow you to send email. If you find that you are having problems, the first step would be to change the port from 25 to 26 or 587. This can be done by choosing More settings, Advanced and changing the outgoing server (SMTP) port to 26 or 587.

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