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How to check the status of your domain transfer?

This guide will explain how to check the status of domain transfers for LCN customers transferring domains in to, or away from LCN.

For instructions on how to transfer domains into your account see our guide on How to transfer your domain name to us.

Inbound transfers

You can review the status of any pending inbound transfers to your LCN account from the transfers tab of the domains page within your account.

This page will provide a list of domains pending transfer and recently completed transfers with a status listed alongside each domain and a link to view more details on the status of the transfer.

Top-level domains

The following statuses may be listed for inbound transfers for top-level domains:

In Progress: After an inbound transfer has been requested and the auth-code verified, the transfer will be listed as in progress and should complete after 5-days. An estimated completion date should be provided under the details for the transfer in your account.

As part of the inbound transfer for top-level domains, the losing registrar may send an approval email asking for confirmation of the transfer. The approval email will need to be confirmed within 5 days of the transfer being initiated or the transfer can be rejected by the losing registrar. Check that the owner details for domains being transferred are up to date before initiating a transfer, to make sure that any approval emails required to confirm the transfer can be received.

Complete: Once the transfer is marked as complete it should be available to manage under the list of domains in your account.

Failed: This status will be listed if an inbound transfer has failed to complete for any reason. This could be due to the transfer request timing out, an invalid auth-code being supplied, or the transfer being rejected by the losing registrar. Click details alongside the domain to check if a reason for the failure can be provided. If the transfer has failed due to an invalid auth-code an option to supply a new code may be provided on this page.

UK Domains

UK domain transfers don’t require email approval or authorisation codes to be supplied – the following status will be listed for domains pending transfer to your account:

Awaiting tag change: To complete the inbound transfer for UK domains, you’ll need to request with your current provider that the IPS tag for the domain is changed to: LCN

If the tag change has already been applied and your transfer hasn’t completed automatically, get in touch. with our support team and we can check if there’s anything stopping the transfer from completing.

Outbound transfers

To check the status of any outbound domain transfers it’s recommended to contact the receiving registrar.

Top-level domains

As part of the outbound transfer for top-level domains, we’ll send an approval email to the contact email address for the domain. Check that the owner details for the domain are up to date within your LCN account before requesting an outbound transfer.

Please note: Due to data protection laws the owner/contact details that we hold for your domain registration won’t be passed to your new provider when you transfer away.

UK Domains

You can check if a tag change applied to your domain has been accepted by carrying out a Whois lookup with Nominet.

If a tag change applied in your LCN account has not been accepted by the receiving registrar – the receiving registrar may need to manually accept the inbound transfer of the domain.

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