How to transfer domains between LCN accounts

This guide will explain how to transfer domains from your account to another LCN user account. If you need to transfer a domain name away from LCN to another provider, see our guide on How to transfer your domain name away from us

Transfer domains between accounts 

You can transfer domain names between LCN accounts directly from your Control Panel

Let’s get started… 

  1. Log in to your LCN account and head to your Control Panel
  1. Click on the domain you wish to transfer to another LCN account. 
  1. Click on Domain Transfers located in the bottom right-hand corner. 
  1. Look for the header for Push domain to another LCN account. Click on the option that states Click here to push this domain to another account 
  1. If you know the account you would like to move the domain to you can enter the account reference. You would do this in the box labelled as Account Ref. Or you can create a new account by filling in the form displayed. 
  1. Click Proceed
  1. If you are happy to continue with your transfer click Proceed
  1. An email will now be sent to the account holder you would like to move the domain to. Once they accept the transfer the domain will move within 24 hours.  

Please Note: The new account holder will have 3 days to confirm the transfer to their LCN account. If this is not completed the transfer will be cancelled and the domain will remain in the original account.

That’s it! You have successfully transferred a domain to another LCN account. 

Transfer domains linked to web hosting 

When transferring domains linked to web/email hosting between accounts, the associated service will be moved to the new account. 

If you don’t wish for your web/email content to be moved to the new account holder, you’ll need to disconnect the domain from the hosting. Alternatively, delete any data that shouldn’t be transferred with the hosting plan. 

Multi-domain hosting 

Domains linked to multi-domain hosting plans such as Multisite or Business hosting, will need to first be removed from the hosting plan to be transferred between LCN accounts. If you would like to maintain any web content within your hosting for the new account please get in touch with the support team. 

Domains linked to an InstantSite plan 

If your domain associated with an InstantSite plan it can’t be transferred. If you would like to transfer a domain connected to an InstantSite hosting plan get in touch with our support team. 

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