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How to transfer domains between LCN accounts

This guide will explain how to transfer domain names from your account to another LCN user account. If you need to transfer a domain name away from LCN to another provider, see our guide on How to transfer your domain name away from us.

Transferring domains between accounts

You can request to transfer domain names between LCN accounts by contacting our support team, by phone, email or livechat.

If you send us an email whilst logged in to your account, we won’t need to go through additional security steps to complete transfers between LCN accounts.

To request the transfer, you’ll need to provide the list of domains to be transferred and the email/username of the destination LCN account.

When you transfer a domain name to a new account holder the domain registration and any associated owner details will be moved to the new account holder. Billing information for the domain or any previous orders/invoices relating to the domain won’t be moved from your account to the new account holder.

Domains linked to web hosting

When transferring domains linked to web/email hosting plans between accounts, the hosting plan and all associated web and email data will be moved to the new account.

If you don’t want web/email content to be moved to the new account holder, you’ll need to first remove the domain from the hosting plan or delete any data that shouldn’t be transferred with the hosting plan.

Multisite hosting

Domains linked to Multisite hosting plans will need to be removed from the hosting plan to be transferred between LCN accounts. The only exception to this is where all domains linked to the Multisite hosting plan need to be transferred to a new LCN account.

If you need to backup any content before removing the domain from a hosting we have a guide for how to do this here.

Sample Request Email

Please see below for an example of a request email you can use to request internal transfers from one LCN account to another.

If you send this request whilst logged in to the account currently holding the domains to be transferred, we won’t need to go through additional security verification. If you’re not logged in to your account when you send the request we’ll ask you to confirm the account holders name, postcode and security question answer to apply the transfers:

Hi LCN Support,Please transfer the following domains from my LCN account:** transfer the above domains to the LCN account with the username: *

You’ll just need to replace the example domain names and account username for your request and use this page to send us an email.

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