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Why has my domain transfer failed?

This guide is intended to explain the potential reasons for domain transfers failing. For LCN customers transferring domain names into, or away from LCN.

For instructions on how to transfer domains into your account, or check the status of a pending transfer see our guides on How to transfer your domain name to us and How to check the status of your domain transfer.

Inbound Transfers

We’ll cover some of the potential reasons inbound domain transfers to your LCN account could fail below.

UK Domains (,,, .uk)

Inbound transfers for UK domains could fail due to the following reasons:

  • IPS Tag change not applied: To complete the inbound transfer of a UK domain you’ll need to request that the IPS tag for the domain is changed to LCN. This change needs to be applied with your current registrar or Nominet.
  • IPS Tag change request timed out: Requests to change IPS tags will time out after 5-days if the change isn’t accepted. Our system will only accept tag changes for domains where we’ve been notified of an inbound transfer. If your tag change request has timed out after 5 days, it’ll need to be applied again by your current registrar.
  • Transfer not initiated: If you’ve requested an IPS tag change to LCN without adding the domain as an inbound transfer to your account, our system won’t accept the inbound transfer of the domain. Transfers need to be initiated within your LCN account before our system will accept an IPS tag change for inbound transfers.

If you’ve added an inbound transfer to your LCN account and requested a tag change that hasn’t been automatically accepted – get in touch with our support team and we can check if the tag change has been applied correctly and can be manually accepted.

Top-Level Domains (.com, .net, .info, etc…)

We’ll cover some of the potential reasons inbound transfers for top-level domain names could fail below:

  • Invalid Auth-code: If the auth-code supplied for an inbound transfer is rejected by the registry for your domain, the transfer will fail. It should be possible to check the code supplied for the transfer and enter a new code to retry the transfer from transfers-tab of the domains page in your account. If the code supplied by your current registrar has been rejected, contact the registrar to ask that a new auth-code is generated for the domain.
  • Transfer rejected/not approved: When transferring top-level domains, the losing registrar may send an approval email asking you to confirm that you want to transfer the domain. If this email is not confirmed the transfer may be rejected by the losing registrar.
  • Domain lock status: Top-level domains need to be unlocked to be transferred between registrars. Our system will check that a domain is unlocked before you initiate a transfer, but if the domain is re-locked at any stage during the transfer, the transfer will fail to complete.
  • Domain is expired and in redemption: If a top-level domain has expired more than 30 days ago it will be placed into a redemption status and it won’t be possible for a transfer to proceed. You’ll need to contact your current registrar to resolve this status – additional charges are usually incurred to renew a domain once it enters a redemption state.

Outbound Transfers

To check why an outbound transfer from your LCN account has failed, we’d recommend contacting the receiving registrar to check if they can confirm a reason for the failure.

We’ll cover some of the steps that you can take within your LCN account when an outbound transfer has failed below. If a transfer has failed for a reason not covered in this guide, you may need to contact our support team to investigate this.

UK Domains (,,, .uk)

  • IPS tag not changed: If the IPS tag change for a UK domain transfer needs to be applied again, this can be done within your LCN account by following the outbound transfer process again, or you can get in touch with our support team to ask that this is applied.
  • Transfer not accepted/timed out: The receiving registrar should be notified of an inbound transfer before you change the IPS tag for a domain within your LCN account. If a transfer has timed out or been rejected, you can apply a tag change again within your LCN account if needed.

Top-Level Domains (.com, .net, .info, etc…)

  • Invalid auth-code: If the auth-code supplied for your domain transfer has been rejected, get in touch with our support team and we can check if a new code can be generated.
  • Transfer rejected/not approved: If the outbound transfer has been rejected by LCN, check that the owner details for the domain within your account are up to date, to make sure that you can receive the approval email for the outbound transfer sent by LCN. The transfer would then need to be re-initiated by the receiving registrar.
  • Domain lock status: Once unlocked in your LCN account, domain names should remain unlocked until the lock status is manually changed, or a transfer completes. If your transfer has been rejected due to the lock status of your domain, get in touch with our support team so we can check the status of the domain.
  • Domain is expired and in redemption: If a top-level domain has been expired for 30 days or more it will enter a redemption state. Transfer of the domain won’t be possible whilst it is in this state and additional charges will be incurred to renew the domain. If you need to transfer an expired domain it may be recommended to renew the domain first, to avoid the risk of the domain going into redemption before a transfer completes.

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