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Why register your UK domains with us?

Nominet accredited registrar

Nominet accredited registrar

Register your domain name with confidence knowing we’re fully accredited by Nominet – the governing body for UK domain names.

Always low prices

Always low prices

Our prices are low – every day. Register a UK domain from just £4.95 a year and save big when registering/renewing for multiple years.

Instant domain registration

Instant domain registration

Registering your UK domain is easy and it’ll be set up and ready-to-use within seconds of completing your order.

Registering domains since 2000

Registering domains since 2000

We’ve been registering domain names for over 17 years, and today we look after over 350,000 domains for 200,000 happy customers.

Stand out online with a new UK domain name

Why choose a UK domain for your website?

A UK identity for UK brands

UK identity for UK brands is one of the most globally recognised domain extensions in the world today, with almost 10 million active registrations. Signify your UK presence!

Established since 2000

Trusted domain extension

Instil trust in your website and business with a UK domain – 81% of the British public prefer to use a UK domain extension over a .com when shopping online.

A UK domain for everyone

UK domain for everyone

There’s several types of UK domains available. and .uk are great for any site or business, charities and organisations can use .org, whilst is the perfect fit for bloggers.

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    A long-standing customer. Very happy. Everything just works and is easy to understand.

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    Fantastic and extremely well priced hosting with brilliant support who have never failed to help me with my issues (issues of mine I hasten to add, not issues with LCN). They even took... (Continued)

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    Easy to use website and reliable service

    wrote 15 days ago by Paul

  • 5 stars on TrustPilot

    Alan at LCN @lcndotcom - brilliant customer service and helped this internet muggle enormously x

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  • 5 stars on TrustPilot

    Huge thanks to Andrew in #customerservice @lcndotcom for his help today. As always LCN are fast and efficient. Best domain & web hosting co.

    wrote about 2 months ago by Rob Johns

  • 5 stars on TrustPilot

    Great tech support from @lcndotcom on a Sunday afternoon.

    wrote about 1 month ago by Anchor Print

  • 5 stars on TrustPilot

    Super impressed with @lcndotcom self service, set up web forwarding, DNS settings and purchased domains really quickly! 👍🏻

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Frequently asked questions about UK domains

What is a UK domain name?

UK domain names are the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) extension for the United Kingdom. Available extensions for registration are,,, and as of 2014, the shorter .uk variant.

Nominet are the official governing body and registry for all UK domains and authorise registrars (like LCN) to register and update these extensions on behalf of customers.

What different types of UK domain names can I register?

You can register,, and .uk extensions.

The shorter .uk domain name extension was launched in 2014 with rights in place giving priority to registrants who already own the equivalent, or domain (if registered before 28th October 2013).

How does priority allocation on .uk domains work?

As stated above, there are rights in place to protect existing, and domain name holders from cybersquatters.

So for example: if you registered “” in 2012, the equivalent “” domain extension has been reserved exclusively for you. These reserved rights are in place until 10th June 2019.

For more details on who has rights to .uk domains, check out this link.

How much do UK domains cost?

Registration and renewal prices start at £4.95 (plus VAT) for one-year, up to £42.95 for a ten-year period (a saving of £6.55).

Full prices can be found below.

Extension 1 yr 2 yrs 5 yrs 10 yrs .uk,, $6.09 $11.09 $27.39 $53.59