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Protect any third party access to your personal data with our domain proxy service

Shield your personal data

Did you know that when you register a domain name your personal details, like your name and address, are sent onto the domain registries and may be accessed by the governing body and sub-contractors?

This personal data will be available via a gated or tiered access system – which means only groups with "legitimate interests" should be able to see the data (however "legitimate interests" is open to interpretation).

These groups may include (and are not limited to) law enforcement agencies, intellectual property investigators (acting on behalf of corporations), and other third parties with "legitimate interests".

With our domain proxy service, the domain registries don't get your personal details, they get the details of the organisation you registered your domain with instead, in this case - that’s us.

When you register a .com, .net,, .uk,, or, you are the legal owner of your domain but we’ll send our contact details to the domain registries so your personal details will never go outside of our company.

How much does domain proxy cost?

Domain proxy is free for the initial domain registration term. So whether you register a domain for one, two, five, or ten years, your domain proxy service will be free for the same length of time.

Then after that domain proxy costs £5.95 a year to renew. However, you are under no obligation to renew your domain privacy service.

Domain proxy the LCN way…

Domain proxy works by masking your personal details within the Registration Directory Service (RDS). When any group or agency searches your domain, they’ll see our details – not your name, address, email and phone number.

Your details remain on-file as the legal domain name owner, and any legitimate enquiries sent to us will be forwarded on to you.

Here’s an illustration of how domain proxy works:

Domain Proxy

Get domain proxy now

Domain proxy is added automatically when you purchase any applicable domain name. Just search for your domain name, and domain proxy will be added completely free for your original registration term.

Search for a domain and add domain proxy

Add domain proxy to an existing domain name

Unfortunately, if you did not select domain proxy when you first registered your domain, your details will already be with the relevant registry and we are unable to retrieve them.

However, you can add domain proxy at a later date if you are updating your records or changing your details. Please note, only new details will be protected, your original data will still be with the domain registry.

What our customers think…

Frequently asked questions about our domain proxy service

  • Why can’t I add domain privacy to my .eu domain?

    There is no Registration Directory Service (RDS) opt-out available for .eu domains as the registry (EURID) does not allow it. However, if you register your .eu domain as a private individual, the only publicly accessible data would be your email address. If you register your .eu domain as an organisation, your full details such as name, address and phone number would be publicly accessible.

    For further details on how domain privacy works for all domains, check out our support guide.

If you have any questions about domain proxy, just give us a call us on 0345 363 3637