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What is a .store domain?

With a .store extension, your existing customers will know exactly what you are, even before they click on to your website - this is great when you’re building an online brand.

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Why choose a .store domain?

Why choose a .store domain?

A couple of good reasons a .store domain extension could really work for your online or brick-and-mortar shop:

  • Super way to tell your customers exactly what you are
  • Great extension to choose for your ecommerce business
  • Build a recognizable online brand with this domain extension

The first ever online store was introduced to the world in 1999 - since then, somewhere in the region of 20 million shops exist on the internet, servicing more than 2 billion online shoppers worldwide. With your very own online shop and .store domain extension, you could get your slice of this pie.

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Who can buy a .store domain?

Absolutely anyone. The .store is an unrestricted domain extension.

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Why buy your .store domain from LCN.com?

When you buy a domain name from us, you’re well looked after from the get-go. Our domain registration and renewal prices are among the very best in the UK, and our buying process is so easy.

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How much does a .store domain cost?

See our prices for .store domains below:

1 year price2 years price5 years price10 years price
.store registration£93.99 £3.00*£157.99-£606.99
.store renewal£93.99£157.99-£633.99
.store transfer£10.00 one off fee

You can find a full list of domain registration and renewals fees on our website.

Browse .store domain alternatives

If the .store domain extension isn’t exactly the one for you, or perhaps the name you want for your store isn’t available.

Take a look at our suggested alternatives here.


If your store in the UK, the .co.uk domain extension is a good alternative.

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Your desired domain name might be available with the .com extension

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The .shop is the perfect alternative domain extension for your website

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Frequently asked questions about .store domains

  • Who can purchase a .store domain name extension?

    The .store domain extension is completely unrestricted, meaning it is available for anyone to purchase, register, and use.

  • Can I only use my .store domain for an online store?

    No, not at all. The .store does not determine the kind of website you’re using it for, it’s just the last part of the domain name. While some domain extensions lend themselves to use for some types of websites more than others, there is no rule about what you can use them for at all.

  • How is a .store domain extension good for my business?

    With generic domain extensions like .store, you’re helping your potential customers navigate to your website by sharing with them what they can expect from you even before they visit.

  • Is .store a gTLD?

    It is indeed. ‘TLD’ stands for ‘Top-level Domain’, and this is the term we use for the last part of the domain name, like .com or .co.uk. But .store is what we call a ‘gTLD’, and this is where the “g” stands for “generic”. Choose a gTLD and your domain extension could be .golf, .football, .furniture, or other very specific words describing exactly what your website, your blog, or your business is all about.

  • What is a TLD?

    TLD stands for Top-level Domain, and it is the part of any domain name that comes after the web address, like .org and .com. There are 1,500+ TLDs (Top-level Domains) now, but in January 1985 when the first ones were created, there were only seven: .com, .org, .net, .int., .edu, .gov, and .mil. Then in July of 1985 the country specific ones like .co.uk and .fr were added. Fast forward to today with the addition of gTLDs, and there is a domain extension to perfectly suit almost any business and any person.

  • Are the new TLDs good for SEO?

    They are exactly as good as the original, and the country specific ones, because in Google’s eyes, there is no difference, they don’t differentiate between TLDs at all.

  • Can I transfer my .store domain from another provider to LCN.com?

    Absolutely! You simply need to get in touch with your current domain name provider, ask them to unlock your domain name, and give you the EPP code (also known as an authorisation code). Armed with this, you can start the transfer process within your LCN Account. If you need assistance, our friendly and knowledgeable support team are on hand, give them a call on 0345 363 3637.

  • What does it cost to transfer a .store domain to LCN.com?

    We charge a £10.00 fee to transfer your .store domain to LCN.com.

* The following suffixes are on offer for £0.00  when registered for 1 year using the embedded voucher code - .CO.UK. & .UK & .ORG.UK. This offer applies to new purchases only. The following suffix is on offer for £1.99  when registered for 1 year using the embedded voucher code - .COM. The offer applies to new purchases only. These offers limit you to one £0.00  .CO.UK domain, one £0.00  .UK domain, one £0.00  .ORG.UK domain and one £1.99  .COM domain per account, in a single transaction. Any abuse of the offer, e.g. multiple redemptions, will lead to the order being cancelled and refunded. LCN Limited reserve the right to refuse orders for any reason, including rejecting orders processed outside of the United Kingdom. Additionally, the following extensions will be offered at the prices shown when registered on-site for one year: .online - £3.00, .store - £3.00, .tech - £3.00, .site - £4.99, .website - £3.00, .fun - £3.00, space - £3.00, .app - £12.00, .net - £7.95, .org - £7.95, .info - £6.95, .biz - £6.95  and .uk.com - £25.99. Following the conclusion of the promotion, the domains will be charged at standard LCN rates which can be found here. For EU customers, VAT rates payable will be subject to your country of residence. LCN Limited reserves the right to end, extend and or amend this offer and/or the terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. All offers are for the first billing period only, do not apply to renewals, are limited to online transactions and cannot be used where free domain offers have already been redeemed. Offers cannot be used in conjunction with any others and may be withdrawn at any time at the discretion of LCN.com. Standard terms & conditions apply.