What is the new .UK domain?

The new .UK domain extension is the shorter and sharper alternative to the .CO.UK extension we all know. It follows the precedent set in Europe where shorter domains such as .FR and .DE are common place.

Let your company name take focus and keep your domain extension short, sweet, and memorable with .UK!

More British than the cup of tea

Wondering why you should get a .UK domain? There’s plenty of reasons:

  • Signify a UK presence
  • Protect your brand and business identity
  • A new shorter and memorable domain extension
  • 81% of British users prefer to use a .UK website over a .COM when shopping online

With over 10 million .CO.UK domains registered today and 2 million being added every year, it’s safe to say the United Kingdom loves .UK!

Protect your brand with a new .UK

Registrations of .UK domain names are open to anyone. However, in most instances, if you already own a .CO.UK, the equivalent .UK domain will be reserved for you.

For full details on how priority allocation works, check out our FAQ section below.

Secure your new .UK and put the focus on your British brand today.

Frequently asked questions about our web hosting

How much do .UK domains cost?

The new .UK domain costs $6.09 per year, or cheaper over multiple years.

  • 1 Year - $6.09
  • 2 Years - $11.09
  • 5 Years - $27.39
  • 10 Years - $53.59

How does priority allocation of .UK domains work?

All existing owners of .CO.UK domains will have their equivalent .UK domains reserved for them for five years (at no cost). During this five year period you can decide to register the .UK version of your domain name, so long as you continue to own the equivalent .CO.UK.

Should there be a scenario where there are two or more domains with the same website name; priority allocation of the equivalent .UK domain will be offered to the .CO.UK owner. Where is no .CO.UK owner, it will be offered to the .ORG.UK owner. If there is no .CO.UK or .ORG.UK owner, the equivalent .UK domain will be offered to the .ME.UK owner.

Further details on priority allocation of the .UK domain extension can be found here.

How does priority allocation of .UK domains work?

You can use the official .UK rights lookup tool here. Just search the domain you’re interested in.

If you have any questions or need advice around the new domain names, please call us on +1 646 837 7020