More domains mean better discounts

We always look to reward our loyal customers, so if you have 20+ active domain names with LCN you may qualify for bulk pricing. Please contact us today and we can apply the new pricing structure to your account.

If you're transferring your domain portfolio to us and reach any of our bulk pricing thresholds, just let us know once your domain name transfers are completed. You'll then be able to register and renew your existing domains on our bulk discount prices.

Extension Standard 20+ domains 50+ domains 100+ domains .uk,, $12.93 $9.03 $8.38 $7.73
.com $20.73 $12.93 $11.63 $10.33
.net, .org .biz, .info $18.13 $12.93 $12.28 $11.63
.co $45.43 $32.43 $29.83 $25.93
.me $25.93 $16.18 $14.23 $12.93
The prices above are for a one-year domain registration or renewal.
Prices ex. VAT at 20% Show with VAT.

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