Why speed up your WordPress site?

WordPress TuneUp

Better user experience

Your customers won’t wait around for a slow site. Keep your visitors happy with a fast, responsive WordPress website.

Improved conversion rates

A faster site means more sales – it’s that simple. Increased load times have been proven to increase conversions and revenue.

Climb the search engines

Site speed is now a Google search ranking factor, so a faster WordPress site can help further improve your ranking in Google.

How we make your WordPress site faster

Optimise your images

Optimise your images

Dramatically reduce the load time and overall file size of your site by loading bandwidth-saving compressed images.

Browser caching

Browser caching

Leverage browser caching so repeat visitors load your site data from their local cache, instead of your live site.

Minify JavaScript and CSS

Minify JavaScript and CSS

Reduce the size of vital JavaScript and CSS code on your site so your visitor's browser renders and loads everything quicker.

Add expires headers

Add expires headers

We add “expiries headers” which tell your visitor’s web browser when to load content from the server or the browser cache.

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Do I need to speed up my site?

We’ll never try to TuneUp a site that doesn’t need it, so we recommend testing your site using GTmetrix, the same tool we use.

Your site could benefit from a TuneUp if your report matches any of the following results…

  • PageSpeed score  C or lower
  • YSlow score  C or lower
  • Load time  6 seconds or higher
  • Requests  70 or higher

If we do not improve all these metrics, you’ll get you money back in full – you won’t even have to ask.

Test your site speed now

Our guarantee

We’re committed to making your WordPress site load quicker than ever, and if we can’t, you’ll get a full refund. We’ll promise to…

  • Reduce load time of your website
  • Improve your Google PageSpeed Optimisation score
  • Improve your YSlow score
  • Reduce the number of requests made by your website

If we do not improve all these metrics, you’ll get you money back in full automatically.

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Get in touch and we’ll…

  • Run speed tests on the website
  • Analyse why the speed is being impacted
  • Upgrade to the latest compatible PHP version
  • Upgrade to the latest compatible MYSQL version
  • Update WordPress version
  • Update WordPress Plugins
  • Update WordPress Theme
  • Optimise redirects
  • Optimise images
  • Leverage browser caching
  • Install caching and image optimisation plugins
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WordPress TuneUp
WordPress TuneUp

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Frequently asked questions about our WordPress TuneUp service

Exactly how much faster will my site be?

This depends on several different variables, including the size of your WordPress site, how optimised it is already, what plugins you use, image size and more. We never want to make false promises – we can make speed improvements on every site, but we’ll only take on websites where we know we can make a significant difference and improve the following metrics…

  1. Improve your Google PageSpeed Optimisation score
  2. Improve your YSlow score
  3. Reduce the number of requests made by your website

If we cannot offer you good value for money for the service, we won’t take on your site.

WordPress TuneUp

What are Google PageSpeed and YSlow scores?

Both PageSpeed and YSlow are performance reports for web pages. We use GTmetrix to run these tests simultaneously.

Google’s PageSpeed Insights analyses your web page and gives a score which demonstrates how well a page / site follows common performance best practices – in short, does your site do the things it should to maximise load speed? The report works on a score from 0-100% (with an additional F to A score). Generally a poorly optimised site would score below 59, whilst a good site would score 80 and above.

Yslow is another industry-standard website speed reporting tool. It’s very similar to PageSpeed in that it analyses and reports back on your site speed, however it uses slightly different calculations for it scores, and weights the various factors impacting your speed differently. Again, the scoring system is percentage based, with an additional F to A score.

We believe that combining these tools in our reporting and increasing both scores is the best way to demonstrate an accurate, real-life improvement to you website speed.

Please note that GTmetrix PageSpeed scores may sometimes be a little different from the scores you may get at the official PageSpeed site. This article explains why.

How long will the process take?

We aim to complete your TuneUp, with a report, within 48 hours (if not quicker). If we cannot meet this expectation we’ll be sure to communicate the progress with you daily.

I don’t host with you, can you TuneUp my WordPress website?

Currently we can only offer the TuneUp service for WordPress sites hosted on our quantum hosting platform at LCN. We do offer a free migration service if you wanted to move your site to us – it’s quick and painless.

I host with you, but my website doesn’t use WordPress, can you TuneUp up my site?

Sorry, we can only offer this service on LCN hosted WordPress sites.

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