What makes our data centre the perfect home for your site?

Resilient infrastructure

Resilient infrastructure

There’s no single point of failure anywhere in our data centre – everything has a backup, ready to take over in the event of a problem.

Superfast network

Superfast network

Your website loads in the blink of an eye thanks to our next-generation dark fibre core networks.

Low energy, high performance

Low energy, high performance

We’re 40% more efficient than traditional data centres thanks to our eco-friendly cooling systems.

Monitored 24/7

Monitored 24/7

We have trained engineers keeping an eye on all aspects of the data centre’s environment round-the-clock.

Our data centre, our way

We’re proud to operate two world-class data centres in Hertfordshire, UK. Our primary data centre, purpose-built and located in Stevenage, is the main home of the LCN hosting platform.

Designed and built by our team from the ground-up means we can provide the very best service and support to 100,000 happy customers.

Take a look at this video to see the data centre in action.

Uptime? We’ve got it covered

Keeping our customers’ websites up and running is our number one priority, so we built our data centre to carry on running no matter what.

To guarantee uninterrupted power we’ve got our own substation, and if the mains electricity goes down we can flip over to our battery UPS systems and massive back-up generator. And just in case of Godzilla attacks, we’ve another data centre in Welwyn Garden City we can use if it comes to the crunch.

Go green

All this tech is surprisingly green, too. We use cold aisle containment, which means we’re only cooling the areas of the aisle that need it, ramping up the energy efficiency. The even airflow this achieves means our servers are stronger for longer too.

We also use something clever called Ambicool, which uses cold air outside the data centre to indirectly cool the hot air inside. So in the colder months we use much less power, which is better for the environment and our wallet – a saving we pass on to you in our low prices.

Data centres the LCN way…

Network and connectivity

Our servers and systems are supported by an amazing dark fibre core network. It provides super low latency for lightning-fast load times, oodles of bandwidth and, just like our data centre, has lots of resilience built in.


Everyone these days knows security is important. That goes for physical as well as electronic protection, so we’ve got all-areas CCTV, state-of-the-art alarms, and in-house information security experts keeping a watchful eye on everything 24/7.

Environment monitoring

Our Network Operations Centre is full of clever engineering types who keep a lookout over every aspect of the data centre; like power levels, temperature, humidity, smoke detection, water leaks… you name it, they look for it.

Fire suppression

We use cutting edge detection technology to keep fire risks down to an absolute minimum. The VESDA system can detect even the tiniest amounts of smoke in the air, and our safe-to- breathe FM200 gas suppression system puts out fires in seconds – without damaging equipment.

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