How to manage the SSL Certificate for Managed WordPress

An SSL certificate provides an encrypted connection between people visiting your website and the website itself. This means that any data that passes between the two does so via a secure tunnel. Managed WordPress provides a FREE SSL certificate with all packages. In order to manage this certificate you first need to log into your […]

Generate a CSR for your SSL Certificate in cPanel

If you haven’t already visited the Install an SSL and followed the article detailing steps to Generate a Private Key please review those guides first Once you’ve created a private key you will need to generate a CSR to provide to the certificate authority you are purchasing the SSL certificate through. To do this click on the Generate, view, […]

Install an SSL in cPanel

You can install SSL certificates for your domains hosted on your cPanel hosting. LCN offer a wide variety of SSL certificates which we will order and install for you. Full product details can be found on our website here. To install your own SSL Certificate login to cPanel and click on the SSL/TLS icon. This […]

Select the SSL certificate in cPanel

You will need to follow the previous articles highlighted in the Install an SSL article before proceeding with this final article. The final step to installing the SSL certificate is to click on the Manage SSL sites link. On the Manage SSL Hosts page, click Browse certificates and select the certificate you’ve installed in the previous steps, […]

SSL 2 Year Refresh

In September 2020, web browsers implemented a limitation that an SSL certificate would not be considered secure if its duration is more than 12 months. There are two main reasons for this change. 1. It means that changes in security technology can be rolled out faster without having to revoke large amounts of SSL certificates, […]

How to handle mixed-content errors with SSL

Why Isn’t my Site Secure? If you’ve followed our instructions to add an SSL certificate to your site and redirected your site to use HTTPS URLs but you’re still not seeing a padlock alongside the address for your site, this will often be due to mixed-content errors. Mixed content errors occur when a webpage loaded […]

How to install an SSL certificate in Plesk

This guide will explain how to install SSL certificates or enable a Let’s Encrypt certificate for domains in Plesk using either the Power-user or Service-provider interfaces. Power User interface Follow these steps to install an SSL certificate for domains in Plesk using the Power-user interface: Open the websites and domains menu from the left column […]

How to set up SSL on your WordPress website

This guide will explain how to set up an SSL on your WordPress website for customers using web hosting and WordPress hosting.  Before you start, you’ll need to have purchased an SSL certificate for your site.   Let’s get started…  Enable HTTPS from your LCN account  With LCN we offer a quick way to set up your redirect straight from […]

NEW: Web Hosting – How to add a domain name

Step 1 If you are on a Web Hosting – Business plan or higher, you can have more than one domain name attached to your hosting. This guide will show you how to do this. First, you will need to go to the Domains and SSL page. This can be found under the Site tab. […]

NEW: Web Hosting – How to access the dashboard

Logging In First, make sure that you are logged in to your control panel: When you are logged in, you will see your owned or managed domains listed in separate boxes. When you see the domain that you want to manage, click the blue link that says ‘Manage Hosting’. Here is where you will […]