How to set up name servers on Cloud hosting using Vesta Control Panel

This guide will explain how to configure DNS servers within the Vesta Control panel including how to register private nameservers for domains registered to your account.

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If you want to manage DNS zones for your Cloud hosting plan using the Vesta control panel, you will need to set up name-servers to allow for this.

You will first need to create two DNS A records pointing to the server IP address to use as nameservers – for this guide we will use: and

See the following guide for instructions on adding A records to domains registered within your account.

Registering Private Name-servers with

The following steps will be required if you want to apply the nameservers to the same domain name that you are using for the nameserver hostnames – for example setting nameservers for ‘’ to:,

Each registrar may have different methods for setting up private name-servers and storing the required glue records – the instructions below will explain how to carry this out for domains registered to an account.

  • Go to the ‘domains’ section of your account.
  • Select to manage the domain name you intend to use as the host-name for your private name-servers
  • Select ‘edit nameservers’
  • Replace the existing nameserver settings with the new entries in the following
  • Enter the IP address of your server under the IP address fields for each nameserver.
  • Select ‘update’.

This completes the process required to register your private nameservers and store the glue records (IP addresses) with the registry.

Configuring Name-servers within the Vesta Control Panel

  • You will first need to add a domain name within the Vesta control panel.
  • Go to the DNS menu.
  • Select ‘edit’ under the sub-menu for your domain.
  • Change template to: child-ns
  • Go to the ‘Packages’ menu
  • Edit the ‘default’ package – or the required package if you have previously customised these settings.
  • Enter and under ‘nameservers’ and select ‘save’.

You can now use these nameservers to point other domains to your cloud hosting and manage the DNS zones for these domains via the Vesta control panel.

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