How to renew your LCN services

For all web hosting, domains and SSLs you will need to renew periodically if you would like to keep the services up and running. 

With LCN we offer an auto-renew service to help make this process easier. We have a full guide for how to manage your auto-renew settings here

If you do not wish to use auto-renew this guide will show you how to renew your services manually. 

Checking that your renewal is due 

With LCN you can renew the majority of your services at any time. Don’t worry, you won’t lose any remaining time, your renewal is added to the end of your current subscription. 

Reminders that your services are due for renewal will start 6 weeks prior to your services expiry date. This will allow you enough time to action your renewal. 

You can adjust these notifications from the Account details section of your LCN Account as outlined as part of our guide here

When a renewal is due it will show under the Renewals Due tab of your Renewals page. 

Renewing your services 

You can renew your services by visiting the renewals page of your LCN account. 

To do this you will need to… 

  1. Login to your LCN account and head to your Control Panel
  1. Float your mouse over Billing and click on Renewals
  1. If you have a renewal due this will show on the first tab for Renewals Due for all your services whether due or not you can choose the View All tab. 
  1. To renew a single service, select the Renew button to the right of the service in question.  
  1. To renew multiple services at once you can use the tick boxes to the left and then select Renew Services.  
  1. Follow the checkout process to renew your services. 

Please Note: Hosting and domains are separate and will need their own individual renewals. Make sure you renew both to make sure you do not lose your services. 

That’s it! You have now renewed your services. 

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