How to manage auto-renewal preferences

This guide will show customers how to manage their auto-renewal preferences.

When placing an order with LCN – auto-renewal will be enabled automatically for the domains or hosting services added to your account. 

You can check or update your auto-renew preferences, by going to the Manage Payment Methods section of your account. 

Please Note: If you place an order over the phone let the support team know if you would like auto-renewal to be off for that service.

How do I change auto-renewal preferences? 

You can disable or enable auto-renewal, change the term that any services within your account will be automatically renewed for, and change your payment method by going to Renewals section of your account. 

To check and change these settings you will… 

  1. Login to your LCN account 
  1. Float over Billing then click Renewals 
  1. The following page will list all the services in your account. To adjust your auto-renewal, simply toggle the Auto Renew option On or Off.  

Please Note: When turning Auto Renew off you will be prompted to confirm that you wish to disable auto-renew and reminded of when your renewal would need to be completed to keep your services running. 

  1. Next you can choose your Payment Method from the next drop-down box. From here can choose which card you have stored to renew each service. 
  1. Lastly you can choose your Renewal Term to select how long you would like your services to renew for. 

That’s it! You have now updated your renewal preferences. 

When will auto-renewal payments be taken? 

Auto-renewals will be processed at the end of the term of your services. You will want to ensure you have a valid payment method in place otherwise you will risk your services going offline. 

Will I be reminded before payment is taken? 

Yes, we will send reminders for your renewals up to 6 weeks before the payment is taken. You can renew them manually if you would prefer or allow them to renew using your set payment method at the end of your services term. 

What can I do if a domain/hosting plan that is no longer required has been automatically renewed? 

If you have received notification of an auto-renewal for a service that is no longer required – you can disable auto-renewal from your LCN account before the renewal is made. 

If you have missed the notification emails and an unwanted service has been automatically renewed – for hosting services; we can provide a full refund if you request cancellation of the order within 30 days. 

For domain renewals; If your domain is registered to an individual you will need to request cancellation of the renewal and respond to the cancellation email that our support team will provide within 14 days of the order. 

If your request to cancel a domain name auto-renewal is made or confirmed outside of this 14-day window we will not be able to provide a refund for the domain renewal costs. 

For a domain registered to a business, we will be unable to provide a refund. This is due to businesses not being covered by the same legislation as an individual. 

This will be decided by your domain owner details and by the content being displayed on the website of your domain. 

You can contact the LCN support team with any queries regarding auto-renewal here

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