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How to manage auto-renewal preferences

If you have selected to store your card details when placing an order with LCN – auto-renewal will be enabled automatically for the domains or hosting services added to your account.

You can check or update your auto-renew preferences, by going to the Auto-Renew section of your account:

How do I change auto-renew preferences?

You can disable or enable auto-renewal, or change the term that any services within your account will be automatically renewed for by going to the Auto-Renewals section of your account.

This page will list the domain names registered to your account and also any web-hosting plans with the associated domain names.

To disable auto-renewal, uncheck the tick-box alongside the domain name/hosting plan, then select the button to save auto renew settings:

You can also change the renewal term for any services where auto-renewal is enabled, by selecting the number of years required from the drop-down menu and selecting to save auto renew settings.

How do I stop auto-renewal from being enabled when I register a domain?

If you have stored card details to your account, auto-renewal will be enabled by default whenever you register a new domain or order a hosting plan. You can change this preference by unchecking the option to ‘Enable Auto Renew for all new purchases’ and then clicking the button to ‘change auto renew preferences’.

When will auto-renewal payments be taken?

Auto-renewals will be processed 3 weeks in advance of the expiry date for domain names or web-hosting plans. This is carried out early to avoid loss of service in the event that your card details need to be updated, or if the transaction is blocked or declined by your card provider.

Will I be notified before payment is taken?

We will send a reminder 2 days in advance of taking payment for any auto-renewals – this should provide the opportunity to disable auto-renewal for any services that are no longer required. This warning will not be provided if auto-renewal is enabled within the week before auto-renewal payment is taken.

What can I do if a domain/hosting plan that is no longer required has been automatically renewed?

If you have received notification of an auto-renewal for a service that is no longer required – you should be able to disable auto-renewal within the 2 days between the notification email and the payment being taken.

If you have missed the notification email and an unwanted service has been automatically renewed – for hosting plans; we can provide a full refund if you request cancellation of the order within 30 days. For domain renewals; you will need to request cancellation of the renewal and respond to the cancellation email that our support team will provide within 48 hours of the order. If your request to cancel a domain name auto-renewal is made or confirmed outside of this 48 hour window we will not be able to provide a refund for the domain renewal costs.

You can contact the LCN support team with any queries regarding auto-renewal here.

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