Subdomains let you display different websites to visitors who use particular hostnames under your domain in their browser address bar. For example, if your domain name was you could create a subdomain for "blog" and show different websites to users who visit and

Here's how to create a subdomain for your hosted domain name:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Click the Hosting icon, then click Manage Site next to the domain you want to add a subdomain to.
  3. Click Subdomains in the Current Hosting menu on the left.
  4. In the Subdomain field enter the prefix for your new subdomains e.g. blog.
  5. Click Add Subdomain.

When your subdomain has been created you can click on the Details link to find out your FTP settings. After you have connected with FTP you will see a folder with the same name as your subdomain e.g. All that is left to do is upload your website to the web folder inside your subdomain folder.

Here is quick demonstration

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