How to change your WordPress database password

This guide will explain how to change your WordPress database password for customers using web hosting and WordPress hosting.

If you’ve installed WordPress using one of our Web Apps you will need to get in touch to change the password. However, if you’ve uploaded WordPress manually via FTP simply follow the steps listed below.

Let’s get started…

Changing the password

  1. Login to your account and click Hosting
  2. Click Manage site
  3. Click Manage databases which is located under Site Summary
  4. Click Details
  5. Next, enter and confirm your new database password under the Change Password section

Success! You’ve changed your WordPress database password. Making this change will cause your website to display an Error establishing a database connection message until you’ve completed the steps listed in the second half of this guide.

Updating the WordPress configuration file

Now you’ll need to update the password in the WordPress configuration file.

To do this you will need to access your hosting using FTP which you can learn more about here.

  1. Using your FTP client, navigate to the Web folder
  2. Right-click the wp-config.php file and select View/Edit
  3. Select Use default editor for text files and click OK
  4. Once the file has opened, find the section below:
    • define('DB_PASSWORD', 'oldPassword123!');
  5. Replace the password inside the quotation marks with the new database password you chose earlier
  6. Click the X in the top right of your text editor to close it
  7. You’ll be prompted to save the file you’ve just edited, click Save
  8. A box will appear notifying you that A file previously opened has been changed. Click Yes.

That’s it! You’ve changed your WordPress database password and updated your WordPress configuration file.

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