Getting started on InstantSite

Please note: This guide is for legacy InstantSite pruchsed before the 18th August 2020. If you have our new InstantSite please see guides specific for our new builder found here.

Welcome to InstantSite.

InstantSite is a drag and drop website builder created and hosted by LCN to make website design simple. The InstantSite editor is designed to be as easy as possible for non technical users to build their own website in minutes.

Although we have made the InstantSite editor easy to use, we have also provided support guides to walk you though the whole process from accessing InstantSite to publishing your first live website.

By following our InstantSite guide in the order laid out below, you’ll get set up and learn how to use InstantSite in the fastest possible way.

Get stuck in and start learning about InstantSite now!

  1. How to choose an InstantSite template
  2. How to adjust your site settings
  3. How to add, remove and change page settings
  4. How to change global fonts and colours
  5. Understanding row and column
  6. How to add an element
  7. How to use the text editor
  8. How to preview and publish your InstantSite

That’s it! You’re now ready to build your own InstantSite.

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