How to preview & publish in InstantSite

Please note: This guide is for legacy InstantSite pruchsed before the 18th August 2020. If you have our new InstantSite please see guides specific for our new builder found here.

This guide will show LCN InstantSite customers how to preview and publish their website.

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Previewing your InstantSite

It’s useful to be able to preview your site and check how it looks before it goes live. It also provides a chance test the site on mobile and various screen sizes (all InstantSite templates are mobile optimised). To activate one of these previews:

  1. Login to the InstantSite control editor.
  2. Click Preview in the top right-hand side and click view preview.

Please note: A new tab will open showing your site. Only you will be able to see the changes made on this site until the InstantSite is published.

Publishing your InstantSite

Once you finished designing or making changes to your website, it’s time to share your creation with the world. Make sure you preview your InstantSite before publishing to make sure everything is working correctly, then when you’re ready, follow the instructions below to publish your InstantSite.

  1. Login to the InstantSite editor.
  2. Click Publish in the top right-hand side.

Please note: All changes made in the editor before publishing will become live on the site. If you notice you’ve made a mistake, or would like to roll back your changes; use the undo/redo options in the InstantSite control panel and then publish the site again once the changes have been undone.

That’s it! You now know how to preview and publish your InstantSite.

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