Google Analytics is a powerful, widely-used web analytics application that records important statistics about your website such as traffic levels, bounce rates, average time on-site, page views and more.

Your web hosting plan includes a tool to allow you to easily integrate Google Analytics with your site, without having to manually insert the tracking code on every page where it’s needed.

How to add Google Analytics tracking code to your site

To get started you’ll need to create a Google Analytics account for your domain and retrieve a Tracking ID from the Google Analytics system.

To begin with, you will need to login to Google Analytics at the following page:

You will need a Google account and will be prompted to register if you do not have one already. After logging in, just select “sign-up” to start using Google Analytics.

On the next page, you’ll be prompted to set up your account and your property. Your property is the website you wish to record Analytics data for. Fill in the required fields of data such as your website name, website URL, industry category and reporting time zone.

Next visit Admin > Property > and look for “tracking code”, on this page in bold you’ll see your tracking ID. Your tracking ID will start “UA” followed by a series of numbers; it’ll look something like this “UA-12345678-1”.

Once you have the tracking ID for your domain you can easily configure Google Analytics for your site, by going to the hosting section of your LCN account and selecting “manage site”.

You can then enter the tracking ID under the Google Analytics section of the page and select “add”.

Once you hit “add” the Google Analytics tracking code will be automatically inserted into all pages of your site.

How to exclude pages on your site from Analytics tracking

You can exclude folders/pages within your site from being tracked by Google Analytics – this can be done by selecting “Advanced Options” – then entering the path to any folders or files within your site that you want to exclude.

If your site uses a content management system such as Wordpress or Joomla – this can be useful to stop Google Analytics from tracking access to the dashboard/admin pages for the site.

How to access Google Analytics data for your site

After following the steps outlined above to create your Google Analytics account and link it with the web hosting for your domain, you can go directly to your Google Analytics account to view data for your site.

There will be a delay of up to 24 hours before Analytics Data for your site will be available.

To learn more check out our beginner's guide to Google Analytics.

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