How to Write the Perfect ‘About Us’ Page for Your Business

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In spite of being one of the most important elements of any business homepage, the About Us page is often undervalued.

This essential page is your number-one opportunity to tell your story and fortify your brand voice by establishing a meaningful relationship with your audience.

However, although most businesses have an About page, they often focus on the wrong information or provide a minimal amount of material, while others are purely promotional in tone.

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A great About page should add real value by telling your audience who you are, what your business does, and how it stands unique among its competitors.

It’s not always easy to get this crucial page just right, but it is certainly worthy of spending some time and effort on.


Find Your Tone

The primary goal of your About page should be to establish a personal connection with your readers, and this means finding the right tone of voice.

By using a tone that captures the essence of your brand, you’ll be able to amplify your content and stand out from the competition.

The optimal tone and style will vary depending on your industry as well as the individual style of your brand, whether it be serious and professional or friendly and conversational.

While a friendly and conversational tone might be more suitable for a travel agency or entertainment venue, a more serious and professional tone would be much more appropriate for a law firm, for example.


wrester old letter to mumVideo Marketing specialists Less Film go for a light hearted approach which fits well with their brand and industry


However, regardless of the tone you choose, you’ll want to make sure it is consistent with the style you use on other platforms, such as your blog or social media profiles.

Finally, you’ll typically want to write in the first person, since it helps to establish a closer connection with your readers.


Tell Your Story

People usually read an about page when they are visiting your company’s website for the first time. They’ll be looking at it to find out more about your business, its reputation, its goals, and its history.

Your About page exists to instill a sense of trust but, at the same time, it is important not to write too much, lest you risk boring your readers.

You need to be able to tell your story in just a few short paragraphs stating your business’s personality and ideas while encouraging them to stay on your site.


about us pageOur About page gives the reader some insight to the people that make what it is


By using a story-like format, you’ll be able to convey important attributes such as experience, trust and authority.

Some good starting points include a brief history of your business, a more personal account of why you decided to start the business or a vision of where you see the business going in the future.

Using images can also be a great way to amplify your content, but it is equally important to avoid the stereotypical stock photography that most readers will recognise right away.


Avoid Excessive Promotion

The whole purpose of your About page is to establish a personal relationship with your target audience, and outright promotion is not going to achieve anything of the sort.

There will be plenty of other pages on your website that solely exist to sell products or services, but the About page is certainly not one of them.

This page should never include a sales pitch, although there is no harm in amplifying your brand by making your readers aware of its past achievements.

Any company can shamelessly boast about their products and services, but the About page is a place for publishing facts and displaying proof to back up your claims, whether in the form of customer testimonials, industry award badges or cited statistical information.

The page also presents a great opportunity for asking your readers to subscribe to your updates or follow your social media profiles, so don’t forget to integrate social media into your About page too.



Businesses of any size should never neglect the importance of the About page, since it has an enormous impact on your target audience by firmly establishing your brand identity.

With its primary goal being to inspire your audience to relate to your business on a more personal level, it is ultimately one of the most powerful sales tools of your website.

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Your Say!

We’d love to see the”About” page for your business. Or perhaps you’re looking to re-write yours? Leave us a comment if you have any questions at all.

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