How to Create Amazing Shareable Infographics


Visual content is highly effective for developing an online presence and helping to brand a small business.

One of the most exciting forms of visual content is the infographic, which combines a pleasing graphic design with textual information that educates people, entertains them, or both. People just love Infographics (find out why here).

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Attractive and useful infographics are highly shareable across multiple social media channels and can be incredibly helpful in raising people’s awareness of and interest in your company.


camera vs smartphone


Articulate Your Goals

To create an infographic that people will want to share on their social media channels, you need to lay the groundwork.

What are your goals for your infographic? Do you want to educate and inform people, entertain them, or a combination of all of these? What sort of call to action do you want to include in your infographic?

You also need to ask yourself what kind of people you imagine will comprise the audience for your content.

The answers to these questions need to be kept uppermost in mind as you move into the design phase, whether to draw up a brief that you’ll give to a designer or to do the work yourself.


Research Other Infographics

To help you brainstorm ideas, you will want to do some research into the infographics that other companies in your field are designing.

Make notes on the infographics that capture your attention. How effective do they seem to you? Are their designs attractive to the eye, or do they suffer from too much clutter? Are their messages clear and powerful?

You should also be able to get a sense of the extent to which different infographics are being shared. Garner general ideas of what works and what doesn’t work, and apply this general knowledge to your own specific designs.


beer vs coffeeBeer vs Coffee –


Check out some of the best Infographics of 2014 as chosen by Hubspot.


Stay Focused

Don’t try to make one infographic do too much. An infographic needs to be focused, whether you’re presenting fascinating statistics in graphic form or a flowchart of information about specific processes related to your field.

You also need to think about the mood of your infographic. Do you want it to be fun and whimsical or businesslike and to the point?

Your answer will determine both the verbiage and the graphic design style of your infographic.


Create Your Content With an Eye Toward Branding

No matter how many infographics you design, you’ll want to create them with an eye toward branding your business.

Your visual content needs to fit in with the overall look, feel, and voice of your business, which includes your logo, your website, and your online presence in general.

Branding considerations include the graphics you select for your infographic design as well as your font choices and the overall tone and mood of the message you want to communicate.


breakdown of google results

BrandYourself, as you would assume, do a great job of branding their Infographics.


Above all, infographics are about communication in both language and visual media, and you must be sure your finished creations effectively communicate your brand in their look, language, and style.


Post Across Multiple Platforms

For people to respond to your infographic and want to share it, you need to post it widely. Make your infographic as shareable as you can, not only with regard to its look and appeal but also with regard to where across your online presence you offer it.

The best strategy is to post your infographic across several strong social media platforms on which you’re actively engaging with people and promoting your company.

For example, your small business’ blog would certainly be an appropriate channel on which to post your infographic, as would your business’ Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter pages.



Highly shareable infographics communicate their messages so well that members of your audience will not only respond to them but share them with their families and friends, helping to promote your business’ brand and raise its online visibility.

When leveraged appropriately and well, infographics work to strongly build your brand in the minds of your audience, spanning multiple channels across the online landscape.

And before you start, its worth checking out this great post over at NeoNam on how not to make an Infographic!


Your Say!

Do you use Infographics as part of your marketing strategy? How do you go about curating an Infographic? We’d love to see any Infographics you have put together for your business, so drop us a comment below!

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