10 Video Ideas for Creating Buzzworthy Content

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Online marketing has become increasingly driven by content, with video being one of the main pillars. If you are involved in marketing and don’t have a video campaign, you could be missing out on a large portion of reachable prospects.

A major reason people ignore video marketing is a lack of confidence in creating quality content. Videos are often perceived to be technical, expensive, and personality-driven.

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Videos are actually relatively easy to produce, whether you create them yourself or outsource the work.

Using one of the following video ideas, you can create a campaign that generates ongoing traffic and prospects.


Find a Trend

Following trends will allow you to create a video based on a pre-existing format. When a style of video becomes popular, you just need to think of a way to make your brand fit into the template.

Trends will usually be based around a platform, production technique, dance, comedy routine, or online meme.

It could vary from the use of slow motion or time-lapse photography, to a popular dance craze like the Harlem Shake.


google trendsGoogle Trends is a great way stay abreast of what’s trending and going viral online



Tutorials can often be fairly dry and uninspiring, but there are plenty of opportunities to make them interesting.

Add humour, storytelling, and interesting stats to engage your viewers, while you could also include an upbeat soundtrack.

If the content is good enough, even standing in front of a whiteboard can be enough to keep the attention.


Motivational Speech

People are always looking for inspiration, so a motivational speech can receive a lot of social shares.

Motivational speeches are usually built on passion rather than stats and data, so you just need to understand the pain points in your industry.

You don’t even need to be a great public speaker, with simple storytelling being enough to inspire viewers.


TedTalks are a great example of how popular and inspiring motivational talks can be online


Product Demonstration

Product demonstrations are a great way to use video to its best effect. Image galleries can’t always do justice to a product, but a quality video can give a genuine insight.

While you can use a professional approach to your demonstration, homemade videos can often get a better response as they don’t feel too commercial.


Parody Video

If it fits with your brand, a parody is a great way to generate social media buzz. Parodies and spoofs are popular with performers and comedians, but even corporations have used them to good effect.

Ikea created a spoof of Apple commercials, while generic corporate video parodies typically get a good reaction.



A good parody video may require finding performers with the talent to make it work, but the results can be worth it.


Public Lecture

You may be required to speak publicly about your business, so why not make the most of these opportunities by recording them?

Public speaking and lectures require a level of performance and relationship-building with an audience.

If you can record the lecture effectively, these qualities should translate to viewers at home.


PowerPoint Presentation

A simple PowerPoint presentation might not sound exciting, but you can make these presentations appealing enough to work.

For beginners, screen presentations can be a good way to build confidence, while also keeping the budget down.

Make the presentation snappy and focused, with a clear point to each slide.

If design work is not your strong point, create a simple presentation and outsource the graphics to a professional.



An animation shows you have gone the extra mile with your video, but it doesn’t have to be overly expensive.

There are many freelancers online that can create a quality video for a reasonable cost.

Animations work well when you have an abstract idea that can’t be easily achieved in live-action.

Animations can also be used as part of your tutorials, with video lessons being a great way to learn in a focused manner.



Rant videos often receive a lot of attention because they tend to divide opinion.

If there is a topic in your industry that is particularly irksome, you could create a rant video that gets people talking.

Your rant doesn’t need to be angry or negative, but can just draw attention to something that is problematic in a niche.



In most niches, videos will be released on a daily basis. You should have no problem finding a popular video that is gaining some traction.

A response video can simply be your personal take on one of these videos, offering some insight, agreement, disagreement, or counterargument.

If there is discussion around the original video, your own take can receive some of the buzz.



Each of these video ideas has the potential to become buzzworthy and generate traffic.

While not every style will be appropriate for your business, just a few of the ideas can bring a new element to a marketing campaign.

Just a small amount of imagination and creativity will be enough to make a big impact on your video marketing push.

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