Using WordPress categories and tags

Categories and tags

Categories and tags are ways of grouping post topics together. They help keep your site more organised and accessible, and help visitors quickly find the type of content their looking for.

You can choose several different tags and categories for every post.

What’s the difference between categories and tags?

Categories and tags do seem pretty similar, and they serve a similar purpose.

Categories are for broader grouping of post topics, whereas tags are a little more granular and can be used to describe a post in further detail.

For example, if you’re writing a blog post on a film (let’s say “The Matrix”), you might use categories and tags like this…

  • Categories: Movies
  • Tags: Sci-fi, Keanu Reeves, Futuristic, Laurence Fishburne, The Wachowski’s, Neo

So “Categories” is the broad topic, and “tags” represent the finer details.

Setting up your blog posts this way means you and your site visitors can easily view your blog posts grouped by certain terms or topics. It makes it easy to see all your posts within the category “Movies”, or similarly, all your posts tagged with “Keanu Reeves”.

That’s it – you can now start tagging and categorising your content as and when you add it.

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