How to restore your MYSQL database

If you are looking to restore a MySQL databases from a backup, we offer a tool called phpMyAdmin which makes this really easy to do. You need to first make sure you have an active database or create one following our guide here.

  1. Firstly, you will need to reach your phpMyAdmin control panel for your domain. This is found by typing /mysqladmin after your domain name. For example:
  2. Log in to phpMyAdmin with your Database Username and Password, choose the correct Hostname from the Server Choice drop down.
  3. Once logged in, select the Database tab.
  4. Select the database e.g. domain_com_db.
  5. Select the Import tab.
  6. Click the Choose File button and select the backup file you wish to restore your database from. You should not need to change any of the settings on the page.
  7. Click the Go button at the bottom of the page and phpMyAdmin will restore your database from the backup file you have chosen.
  8. If successful, it will generate a message to let you know and also give you a breakdown of the queries executed.

That’s it! You have now restored your database.

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