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How to create a MYSQL database

Databases are used with popular content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla or OpenCart. LCN Business, Multisite and WordPress hosting customers can easily create a new MySQL database from their account.

If you’re using our Web Apps we’ll take care of the hard work and setup a database for you. However, you can still create a manual database by following the instructions below.

Let’s get started…

How to create a database:

  1. Log in to your LCN account.
  2. Click Hosting and Manage Site next to the package you’d like to add a database to.
  3. Under the Site Summary section, click Add a Database / Manage Databases.
  4. In the Database Name field enter a name for your database.
  5. Please note: The Database Name and Username will be prefixed with your domain name and a unique LCN code. The prefix will contribute towards the Database Name and Username’s total character length. The maximum length allowed for your Database Name and Username is 16 characters including prefix.

  6. In the Username field enter a unique username.
  7. In the Password field enter a password for your database.
  8. Please Note: To make sure your chosen password is secure you will need to make sure that it is at least 10 characters long. The system will also check to make sure the provided password is considered strong enough. Simple passwords such as a name or city will likely be too easy to guess and considered not secure. For a guide on making a secure password click here.

  9. In the Confirm Password field, enter the same password again.
  10. Click Add Database and allow up to 10 minutes for your database to be created.

That’s it! You’ve successfully created a database.

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