How to migrate from Plesk to cPanel

This guide will explain how to use the migration tools in WHM to migrate from a Plesk server to cPanel.


You will first need to configure the IP addresses for any domains on the source server as shared IP addresses. You will also need to change any forwarded domains in Plesk on the source server, to physical hosting accounts.

To do this, you can run the following command as the root user:

/usr/local/psa/bin/domain --update -hst_type phys -login "example" -hosting true -ip -passwd "password"

Replace with the domain name being updated, replace example with the username you want to apply for thew new account, replace with the IP address you want to assign for the account and replace password with a password to apply for the new account.

WHM Transfer Tool

You can view documentation for the cPanel transfer tool on the following page: Transfer tool documentation

To access the transfer tool to start a migration, go to the following menu in the WHM panel for your cPanel server: WHM >> Home >> Transfers >> Transfer Tool.

You will be prompted to enter the following Remote Server Information.

Remote Server Address: Enter the IP address of the source server
Remote SSH Port: 22
Login: Select root
Authentication Method: Select SSH, unless you have configured SSH keys on the source server
Root Password: Enter the root password for the source server

Select Fetch Account List to start the migration process and view a list of the accounts on the source server.

Select the tick-box alongside each Plesk account that you want to migrate to your cPanel server and select Copy to start the migration of data.

Once the transfer and restore progress bars reach 100%, the migration should be complete. You can check under the List accounts menu in WHM to check that the selected accounts have been migrated.

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