This guide will explain how to create and manage FTP accounts for domains on Cloud hosting using Vesta control panel including the FTP client settings required to connect and upload files to sites hosted on your server.

If you are a customer on a LCN Web hosting plan, this guide will provide the instructions for using FTP.

Creating and Managing FTP Accounts

  1. First log in to the Vesta control panel.
  2. Select the ‘Web’ menu from the menu bar in the Vesta control panel:
  3. Select ‘edit’ alongside a domain name on the following page, to manage a domain added to the control panel.
  4. Scroll down the page and tick the box next to ‘Additional FTP’

Complete the following fields and select ‘save’ to create an FTP account

Username: The FTP username for the added account.
Password: FTP password for the account.
Path: (Optional) Enter to restrict FTP access to a specific folder path.
Send FTP credentials to email: (Optional) Enter an email address to send the account details to.

FTP client connection settings

The following settings can be used when connecting using an FTP client application:

Hostname: Enter your server IP address, or domain name pointing to the server.
Username: Server admin, or FTP account username.
Password: Server admin or FTP account password.
Port: 21

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