How to install a Web App

Whether you want a simple blog or an online shop, you can take advantage of well-known Apps like WordPress, OpenCart and Joomla to help you get started with your business idea or personal project. Follow this simple guide to get your site up and running in minutes.

Let’s get started…

  1. Log in to your LCN account.
  2. Click Web Apps.
  3. Click Choose An App.

  4. Please note: Some of our older legacy hosting plans don't support installation of Web Apps, if you don't see an option to choose an app to install, get in touch with the support team to check if your hosting plan needs to be updated.

  5. Choose the Web App you would like to install and click Next.
  6. Choose the domain or subdomain you would like to install your Web App to and click USE THIS SITE or USE THIS SUBDOMAIN.
  7. Choose the directory you would like to install the Web App to.

  8. Please note: If you would like to install the app on the main domain, choose the top option. Alternatively choose the name of the directory you would like to install the Web App to. E.g. /shop

  9. Click Install.

Once the Web App has been installed, an email containing the login URL and credentials will be sent to the email address on the LCN account.

That’s it! You’ve now successfully installed your Web App.

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