How to create an SRV record

This guide will help LCN customers in how to create an SRV record. If you would like to understand the differences in DNS settings, you can find this here

Let’s get started… 

  1. To create an SRV record first log in to your LCN Account
  1. Click on the domain you wish to update from your Control Panel
  1. Click DNS Settings 

If this is the first time you have ever been to the DNS page for your domain, you may see a box appear entitled Activate Advanced DNS. You will need to tick the confirmation tickbox and click Activate to reveal your full DNS settings 

  1. Scroll down to Service records
  1. Enter the name of your record. The name of an SRV record takes the format of _service._protocol. For example, the location of a SIP TCP service would be defined by a record with the name _sip._tcp 
  1. Enter the TTL 
  1. Next enter the Priority of your record. 
  1. Followed by the Weight of your record. 
  1. Now the Port for your record. 
  1.  Lastly the Result for your record.

That’s it! You have now added an SRV record. 

Deleting an SRV record 

To delete an SRV record simply remove the records from your list and click Save.  

Please Note: The Delete is used when you would like to delete ALL your records and not just one. Do not use this unless you want to remove ALL your records. 

That’s it! You have now deleted your SRV records. 

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