How to create a 3 column row in InstantSite

Please note: This guide is for legacy InstantSite pruchsed before the 18th August 2020. If you have our new InstantSite please see guides specific for our new builder found here.

Setting up 3 columns rows is a common practice when show casing products or services on your website. This guide shows InstantSite customers how to create a 3 column row.

Let’s get started…

  1. Login to the InstantSite editor.
  2. Select the row you’d like to edit and add an element to that row.
  3. Using the 12 column bootstrap grid, drag your element to span 4 columns of the 12 column grid.
  4. Style the basic parts of your element, e.g a background and an icon.
  5. Clone your 4 span element two more times and drag them into place if needed.
  6. Adjust the height of each column and add your content.

That’s it! You’ve successfully created a three column row.

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