How to change file permissions via FTP

There are certain files that you upload to your web hosting space that you need to control the permissions of. For example, cgi scripts need to have the execute bit set so that they can be run. In Filezilla, a popular FTP program which you can download for free, you change the file permissions by following the steps below.

  1. Open the Filezilla FTP program and connect to your hosting.Details of how to do this can be found at the link below.
  2. In the Remote Site window, right click on the file and select File permissions.
  3. In the pop up window you can tick the individual file attributes or enter a numeric value e.g. 755, click OK.


Please be cautious when changing file permissions. Selecting the wrong file permissions can stop files from being accessible over the Internet and also give more access to regular site visitors then it needed.

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