How to add email addresses on Cloud hosting using Vesta control panel

This guide will explain how to add email addresses for domains on Cloud hosting using Vesta control panel.

Setting up a domain for email in Vesta

  • Login to your Vesta control panel
  • Click on the ‘Mail’ option from the Vesta menu.
  • Select the plus icon to add a mail domain and enter the domain name and customise the options below as required
    Domain: Enter a domain name
    AntiSpam Support: Select to enable spam filtering for email addresses.
    AntiVirus Support: Select to enable antivirus scanning for incoming mail.
    DKIM Support:
    Select to enable DKIM support – DKIM is a method for email authentication intended to help identify and block attempts at email spoofing. Verification is carried out using a public key stored as a TXT record within the DNS for a domain.

Adding Email Addresses

  • Click on the ‘Mail’ section of the Vesta menu.
  • Hover over the domain you wish to create an email address for and select the option to ‘Add Account’.
  • Complete the following fields to create an email address:
    Account: Enter the prefix of the email address you want to create. For example entering ‘info’ will create ‘’
    Password: You can either enter a password of your choice or click the ‘generate’ option to generate a strong password.
    Advanced Options (Click to view additional options):
    Quota (MB): You can use this option to set a disk-space quota for the account.
    Aliases: You can use these options to set alias email addresses @ your domain that should be delivered to this mailbox.
    Forward to (one or more addresses): You can use these options to forward any mail sent to this address to another destination mailbox.
    Do not store forwarded mail: Select this option if you want email to be forwarded and not stored in a mailbox for this address.

Changing Mailbox Passwords

To change your mailboxes password return to the ‘Mail’ option at the top of your Vesta control panel and hover over the domain your email account is allocated to. Select the option to ‘List Accounts’.

Locate and hover over the email account you want to reset the password on and select ‘Edit’.

You can then enter a new mailbox password for the selected account and select ‘save’ to apply the new password.

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