Adding a signature to your email address on our new Webmail platform is straight forward and easy to do. Even adding an image for that extra professional look is quite simple.

Please be advised that our Webmail service is only available to customers on our Quantum platform. If you are currently on an older hosting package and would like to upgrade to Quantum free of charge, you can call us on 01438 342 490 and we process this for you.

  1. First you need to log on to your mailbox via our Webmail service which is found at
  2. You then need to choose the Settings option which is located on the top left of the page.
  3. From the 3 options under the Settings header, choose Identities and then choose your email address.
  4. If it is just a plain text signature you are looking to create, simply add the text you would like to use and then choose the save option.
  5. If you are looking to add an image, you will need to create this in HTML. Ticking the HTML signature option which will open more features for you to use for editing.
  6. You now need to click the Source-Code icon which will open a pop up window with the current signature in HTML format.
  7. You can now add the link to your image here. If you have not yet uploaded the image to your hosting package, follow the steps on how to do this on our How to upload files to your website with FTP guide.
  8. Once you have uploaded the image and have made a note of the location, you would need to copy the code below and paste it in to the HTML editor, changing imageurl to the location of your chosen image. <img src="imageurl"/>
  9. Our example signature with an image added using HTML looks like this: <p>LCN.COM Ltd</p> <p>Units H, J, K</p> <p>Gateway 1000</p> <p>Whittle Way</p> <p>Stevenage</p> <img src=""/>
  10. When you are happy with how your signature is displayed, click the green Update button and then select Save.

Please Note:

If you have set up a HTML signature, you will need to ensure that your default mail type is HTML too. To check this, select Settings > Preferences > Composing Messages and ensure that Compose HTML messages is set to always. Then scroll down and click save.

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