Set your business free with Microsoft 365

Set your business free with Microsoft 365

Imagine having the freedom to be able to take your office with you, wherever you go. With Microsoft 365, you can!

Enjoy the flexibility to work from anywhere, to connect and collaborate with whoever you need to at any time. You can free your business from the shackles of a physical premises.

Secure online storage

Are you currently saving your important files to your own computer? If so, have a think about what would happen if your system crashes, or runs out of storage space. It might cause you some problems! With Microsoft 365 you’ll benefit from a hefty 1TB of secure online storage, known as OneDrive. You can save your files there, safe in the knowledge that they’re secure and backed up, available for you to access at any time, from anywhere.

Online Office apps

You might already use, or have used before, the Office applications like Word, Excel and PowerPoint. With Microsoft 365 you’ll also have online and mobile versions of them, each packed with all the same great features and tools. Create a document on your laptop, store it in your OneDrive storage and then open it using an app on your mobile, or a web browser on a computer. Not only is it more convenient for you, but it also allows you to share the files with people who don’t have the Office applications installed.

HD video conferencing

You’ll no longer need to worry about traffic or parking whilst making your way to a meeting. With the Microsoft Teams feature you can hold face to face video calls in real-time, no matter where you or everyone else is. One-click screen sharing makes it simple to show the others your screen, for fast and effective exchange of information. It doesn’t matter if you’re the only one with Teams – when you set up the meeting you can create a link that people can use to join via the Microsoft website. 

Real-time collaboration

Have you ever sent a document to someone to review, and they then reply back with a list of their suggestions or feedback? What if you could just send them a link to view the document online, which they could then add their comments to? The SharePoint feature of Microsoft 365 allows you to do just that! You can all work together on the document at the same time, seeing everyone’s changes instantly. No need to laboriously maintain a master copy, as everyone will always be working on the latest version.

Professional business email

You’ll benefit from a professional email address based at your own bespoke domain, with a whopping 50GB of storage, as well as a whole host of business-class features that will increase productivity and save you time. You can share your calendar with others, so they can see your busy schedule or add items to it. You’ll be able to access your emails from any device, with anything you send/receive on one being viewable on all the others. State of the art anti-malware and spam protection will keep your mailbox protected from threats, while user-friendly disaster recovery tools will allow you to recover deleted emails or restore deleted user accounts.

Supported Setup

Moving your business over to Microsoft 365 needn’t be a chore. Help is at hand! With our FREE Supported Setup service, we’ll configure your domain and ensure it’s properly validated against the Microsoft servers. We’ll setup any email addresses you want to use and, optionally, we can also offer assistance with transferring over any existing emails you may have.

All the tools you need to succeed

Take your business to the next level and enjoy the benefits of a mobile virtual office that gives you the flexibility you need. Keep in touch with colleagues at any time, work together online and access your documents from anywhere.

View our Microsoft 365 packages today and set your business free!


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Nathan Preedy

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