20 new business tips every startup will benefit from

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When you start a new business, there are so many things to consider and decide before you even get started selling to customers or offering services to clients. You need to pick the right domain name, create your branding, and you need to create a great website

Starting your own business is an exciting, but daunting time. The following are some new business tips that can help to ensure a successful launch.

  1. Choose the right product

Think carefully about your products or services. Ensure you are meeting a demand and be prepared to adapt and change as demand changes over time.


  1. Establish the appropriate business structure

It’s definitely worth taking some expert advice to make sure you have the correct business entity to ensure you are not risking your personal assets.


  1. Find your perfect team

It can be tempting to do everything yourself to make sure that everything is done to your high standards and specifications. However, this is simply not sustainable and you will need to have a reliable team in place to help you as your business grows.


  1. Be the leader your business needs

Your business depends on you so once your team are in place, make sure you set an example for them. Show your team how committed you are and how you expect them to be, in terms of drive, work ethic, and determination.


  1. Know the ethos of the company

Think carefully about what you want your company to be, who you are as a company and what you aspire to be.


  1. Keep track of all expenses

As you build your business, there will be considerable costs involved, it is vital to keep track of all these expenses so you have a true picture of your financial situation.


  1. Ask for help and advice

Just as you need a team to help support you, it can be beneficial to have someone you can ask for advice. Find a mentor and keep in mind that many people would be pleased to be considered a mentor and to offer guidance to help you navigate the ups and downs of your business.


  1. Be positive

Set goals and plan for success, it will be tough at times but if you have set goals and you are determined to succeed, this will keep you on track.


  1. Have a plan and think about the problems you may encounter

In addition to setting goals, give some thought to the problems you may encounter along the way. This way you can be prepared and will not be taken by surprise by sudden challenges.


  1. Ensure contracts are formal.

Even if you are a sole trader working from a spare room, any contracts you enter into, need to be formal arrangements.


  1. Protect your ideas

Your ideas are valuable to your business so it’s a wise idea to protect them. Don’t casually provide details to third parties and consider asking employees to sign non-disclosure agreements.


  1. Look at the competition but don’t let the competition deter you

If there is competition it probably means you are on to something good so don’t let them deter you from following your business plan. Instead, look carefully at the competition and learn from them.


  1. Take things slowly and keep things simple

Keep up the enthusiasm but take a cautious approach and take things slowly and simply so you don’t get overwhelmed.


  1. Build up your reputation as an expert

A good reputation is essential for a successful business. Build up your reputation as an expert in the sector by putting yourself out there, talking and writing about your business subject.


  1. Ask questions

Don’t simply go along with things if you don’t feel its right. Don’t be afraid to question; ask how and ask why and say no when necessary


  1. Use social media

Don’t underestimate the power of social media in this day and age. Get business online and create content such as podcasts, blogs and videos to get yourself known and seen. Check out these Social Media Tools to Level Up your Social Media Game.


  1. Network

The old saying goes “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” and there is some truth to that. If you can form strong relationships with people you can rely on and who can rely on you, this will be beneficial to your business.


  1. Be patient and make the right decisions

When starting out, it can be tempting to rush in and accept the first offers or contracts but be patient and allow time for the right offer to materialise.


  1. Look after yourself

There will be times when it feels as though there aren’t enough hours in the day and with mobile technology, you will always be on call. However, one of the biggest business tips we can give is to prioritise yourself and your health as you are no good to the business if you are exhausted. Research has shown that working to excess has a detrimental effect on long term health, both physical and mental.


  1. Enjoy it

Lastly, one of the most important new business tips is to enjoy the process. There will be a lot of hard work involved in starting your business, it is bound to be frustrating and at times there will be disappointments, but try to enjoy the process, look for the positives, celebrate your achievements and remember why you are doing it.

Anything we’ve missed? Share your business tips with us! Also, check out our 10 Ways to Improve Business Efficiency.

Written by

Nathan Preedy

Nathan has been with team.blue since 2005 and has a background in Technical Support. He is passionate about helping customers find the best product for them and use it to its full potential.