How to validate your .uk domain’s contact details

This guide will help you make sure your domain’s contact details are valid for your .uk (Nominet) domain names and show you how to update them if they are not. 

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When you register a .uk domain name, Nominet (the registry for .uk domain names) will attempt to validate the registrant name, address and organisation name (if you have one) entered into your domain’s contact details. This is done to make sure domain registrations are legitimate and to prevent domains from being used for spamming, phishing and other types of abuse. 

Please note: The validation process needs to be completed within 28 days or your domain name will be suspended. 

How do Nominet validate my contact details? 

Nominet will check each part of the data against a third-party database such as; the electoral roll for registrant names, the Royal Mail Address file for addresses and Companies House for organisation names. 

More information on Nominet’s validation process can be found below: 

Nominet Data validation process 

How does Nominet validate data?  

If Nominet were successful in validating your contact details, you will see the following under the ‘Data validation’ heading of the whois data for your domain name: 

Data validation: Nominet was able to match the registrant’s name and address against a 3rd party data source on 10-Dec-2018. 

You can check the whois data for your .uk domain names via the Nominet website

What happens if my contact details are not validated? 

A notification will show in your LCN account to alert you to problem and you will be able to check and update via your LCN account. 

How do I update my contact details? 

If you notice a mistake in your contact details you can update these via your LCN account. This guide will show you how, or you can click the warning message which will be displayed within your LCN account. 

What if my details are correct? 

If you are sure the details you have provided are correct you may need to provide proof of these details. Below are some examples of the types of documents you can use to prove your contact details are correct. 

Invalid registrant name 

For individuals 

  • Valid passport 
  • Valid driver’s licence 
  • Valid national ID cards (for non-UK) 
  • Utility bill (last 3 months) 
  • Bank statement (last 3 months)  

For businesses 

  • Utility bill (last 3 months) 
  • Bank statement (last 3 months) 
  • HMRC tax notification (last 3 months) 

Invalid registrant address 

  • Valid driver’s licence 
  • Valid national ID cards (for non-UK) 
  • Utility bill (last 3 months) 
  • Bank statement (last 3 months) 

You can find a full list of documents which can be used to validate domain contact details link here. 

Once proof has been supplied the documents will be checked and validated; if accepted your domain will be updated, if rejected our domain admin team will be be in touch to advise on why. 

That’s it! You have now validated your domain contact details. 

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