How to use webmail on your mobile or tablet

The LCN webmail system has been optimised for mobile devices – the following guide explains how LCN web hosting, WordPress hosting and Email hosting customers can access and manage their mailbox from a mobile or tablet device.

Let’s get started…

You can login to webmail from the link below:

A row of icons is provided for navigating the webmail system – the function of each menu icon is explained below:

To open the settings menu for webmail select the following icon:

To change folders within your account, select the following icon:

To compose a new message, select the following icon:

To view message options (for forwarding/replying/marking/deleting) select the following icon:

To filter or search the list of messages, select the following icon:

Viewing Messages

When logging in to webmail, the inbox for your account is displayed by default. Selecting on a message will open a new page displaying the message contents.

If you swipe a message to the left – 3 options will be provided:

  • Manage the message
  • Flag the message
  • Delete the message

Composing Messages

To send emails you can:

  • Select reply
  • Forward an existing message
  • Select the compose icon to create a new message

The following screen will then be displayed:

You can enter the To address, Subject and the message content in the fields provided. To send the message, select the following icon:

You can add contacts from your address book using the following icon:

You can access additional options including:
Add CC, Add Bcc, Add Reply-to, Read-receipt – by selecting the following icon:

The following icon can be selected to add an attachment, save the message to drafts, spell-check or cancel sending:

That’s it! You now have all the information needed to manage your emails from your mobile and tablet devices.

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